The Imminent Breakup of the Big 12

Nebraska leaning toward Big 10

With the news coming out today that sources are saying Nebraska will bolt the Big 12 for the Big 10, I figured I would start an LSB thread to discuss the topic. I know that many on this board have ties to the Big 12 in one way or another. If these reports are true, then I think the next domino to fall will be a majority of the Big 12 South moving to the PAC 10 to form the PAC 16. This brings up a ton of questions:

Why does this make sense for Nebraska?

Nebraska would get a substantial pay raise in the BIG10, and it also seems to work geographically. Also Nebraska's only major rival in the Big 12 was Oklahoma, and they only get to play them every other year. Nebraska believes that the BIG 10 will add to their legacy.

What does Texas and Oklahoma gain by moving to the PAC 10?

These two schools would also see a huge jump in money, which could get even larger when the PAC 10 creates their own network like the Big 10 (which I imagine would be part of the agreement). It also makes sense recruiting wise. Texas and OU in the past have been able to cherry pick from the state of California, but merging with the PAC 10 could cause an all out blitzkrieg of recruits coming from Cali.

What about the rest of the Big 12 South?

Texas and OU would like to keep their state rivalres, so look for OSU, TT, and TAM to piggyback their way to the PAC 10. This move would be great for all of those schools.

What about Baylor?

The Texas legislature is trying to get Baylor included in this, but I have my doubts. Colorado makes much more sense. With Colorado, the PAC 10 gains the large Denver market. It also make sense geographically when Arizona and Arizona State are added to the division. Baylor has been much better than Colorado in most sports and academically, but money fuels this transition. Sorry Bears fans, you may be left in the cold.

What about the remaining teams in the Big 12?

This is an interesting question. I think Misouri will try to piggyback Nebraska to the Big 10. Kansas, K state, and Iowa State are left in the cold. I could see them being added to possibly the Mountain West. Baylor will be in a tough position if it is left out of the merger. I don't see the SEC wanting Baylor. They may have to bite the bullet and try to latch on to Conference USA with the other Texas schools...I guess the Mountain West is also a possibility.


My predicted realignment

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