Mad Pears 1st half 2010

In my 30+ years as a Rangers fan, I don't think I have ever had as much enjoyment as this first half of 2010. I can recall some spectacular plays by the flying poodle Steve Buechele, Brian Downing jacking an opening pitch fastball off a cocky Roger Clemens, Juango murdering balls in the dirt vs the Yankees in the ALDS, Julio Franco winning the Silver Bat. I am very thankful for these memories but this season so far has had some really special moments. Here are my top 8:

1.April 5th the Saltalamacchia walk off on our home opener

it seemed at the time to be a great sign of things to come. Our catcher of the future had finally arrived




2.May 3rd the Ghost of Rich Harden reanimated

Rich finally delivers on the hype. A 7 inning shut-out of his former team makes skeptical fans hopeful of a true ace in the rotation. Vlad even makes a spectacular catch in right field to the surprise of everyone




3.May 7th Jedi Wilson outlasts Zack Greinke for his second Complete Game

Ceej tosses his record tying 6th consecutive quality start. The stadium is actually chanting "C-J, C-J" in the 9th. The formerly maligned and misunderstood Taoist finally wins over metroplex fans. A jubilant Ruth Ryan throws "the Shocker" in the stands. A dejected Evan Grant puts his CJ "Real Doll" back into the closet.




4.June 15th Matt Fucking Treanor

Rangers do the unthinkable, and win the unwinnable game against Josh Johnson. Ceej pitches 2 hit ball but walks a record 6, and Ogando makes his impressive debut to collect the win thanks to the unbelievable 9th inning 2 out 1st pitch bomb by Matt Fucking Treanor. Adam even declares Treanor off-limits to any further criticism.





5.June 16th Face hit record

Just 1 nite after the immaculate triple, Face gets the all-time Ranger hit record surpassing Pudge. It is a legitimate hit - 2 run single in the 8th without any "Ichiro-esque" nonsense




6.June 20th the Great Hambino

He's like the old Josh Hamilton, the 2008 monster. 5 hits in 6 at bats. Josh reminds the Astros they should know when they have been conquered. Andres Blanco makes Quintero his bitch




7.June 22nd "The Relay"

Milledge cranks a line drive into the left field corner. Hammy fires a rocket to Elvis who then whips off a perfect strike to Treanor. Treanor holds onto the ball despite a WWF worthy collision with Doumit. We do it with the bats, we do it from the mound, we do on defense now too.





8.June 30th Vlad puts the lotion on the skin

Vlad impales the Halos whose confused and frightened fans don't know whether to cheer, cry, scream, or beg for mercy. Vlad takes our "cakewalk" schedule, folds it into a dodecahedron and shoves it thru the Rev's quivering O-ring.




Those are my faves, and it is no surprise that there are many, many more that could/should be on that list as well.


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