LSB Community Prospect Project: Mid-Season #1


Put those sex-ointments down and stop cleaning your kitchens, ladies and bitches....

It's finally time for everybody's favorite meaningless in-season community exercise: The Lonestarball Community Prospect Project. 

And kindly uncle Dirkatron is back in the saddle, so these might actually be fun again!


These are always interesting, and the discussion the votes generate is often more fun than the voting.

For those of y'all who are new to the LSB CPP party, it's pretty simple: Over the next month or so I (TheDirkatron) and only I will be running a series of daily polls asking you to vote for the prospect listed on the poll you think is the "best", with the winner coming off the poll and being added to the master list. It's a fun way of taking the community's pulse when it comes to who's who among our young talent.

Again: This vote is to determine how the LSB community would rank the players currently in the system. I've listed any guy I thought could possibly be considered a threat to be our top prospect.


Also note that we WILL be including recently drafted players, even if they have not yet been signed. Every year we do this and every year we have to engage in pointless debate about why these guys deserve to be on the list. Bottom line: For right now the T-Rangers own their rights, and until they fail to sign them (thereby relinquishing those rights) we're going to count them as Rangers' property. If they don't sign, then it's an easy move just to cut them off the list. (Oh, Matt Purke... we hardly knew the sweet taste of your prospect-y grundle-skin...)

This should be much easier this year as we've already signed our two first rounders.

So please let's not have any douchebaggery regarding this issue this time, yah?

Since things can change quickly in-season and we want this to be as close to a "snapshot" as possible, I want to get through these as fast as possible. I'll try to leave each one up at least 24 hours and then get right into the next one, with no run-offs. If a vote is close, then a vote is close.

So please check in daily if you don't want to miss a vote. (I can't stress this enough... these are gonna go by quick, so if you wanna be part of the fucking heat pears we're doing here, make sure to check in every single day.)

For a frame of reference, CLICK HERE to see the top 30 list you pear-loving douchebags came up with (sans Dirkatron) over the Winter:

#1. RHP Neftali Feliz

#2. LHP Martin Perez

#3. 1B Justin Smoak

#4. RHP Tanner Scheppers

#5. RHP Michael Main

#6. LHP Robbie Ross

#7. RHP Wilmer Font

#8. RHP Danny Gutierrez

#9. RF/DH/1B Mitch Moreland

#10. LHP Kasey Kiker

#11. SS Jurick Profar

#12. C Max Ramirez

#13. RHP Blake Beavan

#14. RHP Pedro Strop

#15. CF Engel Beltre

#16. RHP Guillermo Moscoso

#17. RHP Omar Poveda

#18. C Tomas Telis

#19. RHP Joe Wieland

#20. OF Miguel Velazquez

#21. RHP Eric Hurley

#22. 3B Tommy Mendonca

#23. RHP Wilfredo Boscan

#24. LHP Michael Kirkman

#25. LHP Edwin Escobar

#26. RHP Neil Ramirez

#27 SS Luis Sardinas

#28 RHP Braden Tullis

#29 C Vin Difazio

#30 LHP Robbie Erlin

There are some tough decisions to make regarding who's eligible or not, and I tried to keep those guys I thought had a reasonable chance of still being rookies this winter, and eschew those who I think are pretty solid bets to no longer be rookies.

Guys who are no longer eligible include:
1b, Justin Smoak. (Bigs)
C, Max Ramirez. (Bigs)
RHP, Neftali Feliz. (Bigs)
RHP, Michael Main. (Sold to finance Tom Hicks' golden sex-cauldron)
RR, Pedro Strop. (Bigs)

Guys who are close and/or in the bigs but are still eligible include:
RR, Alexi Ogando. (All of 11 ip so far... hard to break the innings minimim pitching relief... always a threat to be sent down)
RHP, Omar Beltre. (Only 2 gs so far... prolly goes back down as soon as Harden or Holland gets right)

Now let's get to voting, you stupid ignorant man-sluts.

And, as always, don't hesitate to tell me if there's someone you think should be added to the poll next time.

Also, I hate each and every one of you.

I love you guys.


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