LSB Radio Live, Episode Six: The podcast is up!




A note: We won't be doing a show next week. That's due to the combination of no day off and both hosts becoming ridiculously busy.

We still love you guys, though. So we've booked some dude named Chuck Greenberg for the program set to air sometime between August 29 and September 4. Tune in then.



It is that time again! Time for Lone Star Ball Radio: Live, the only Internet radio show produced, hosted, co-hosted, and supported by your LSB brethren. We are happy to be with you on this wonderful Monday night, and we hope you participate eagerly in our show!

P.M. and I are super happycited for this episode, as we're trying new and exciting shenanigans. MLB schedule makers decided not to accomodate our setup and made do without a monday off this week. The good news is we'll have baseball. Cliffmas baseball, no less. And there will still be a show.

As soon as the game ends, hit up this thread. We'll let you know when we're live (Very, very shortly after the last out)---at that point, refresh.Hit the player below. And get your ears queued up for some good goddamn Rangers talk. 

Listen to internet radio with LSB Radio Live on Blog Talk Radio



We'll be featuring the regular butt shit faithful listeners are accustomed to... rants about Christian Guzman's unrivaled ineptitude, Derek Holland conjecture, Neftali Feliz hand-wringing, bankruptcy talk....

Oh, wait. Drop that last thing. 


We'll very likely be knee-jerking like mad to whatever transpires in the SexGod v DPrice matchup. And based on how busy postgame threads get, that should take up the majority of our time and vocabulary.


Listen to internet radio with LSB Radio Live on Blog Talk Radio


Want to listen to the show on your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch? Easy! Go to your App Store and search "blogtalkradio" and you will find an App called "cinch" that is free! Once it is installed, search for the show "LSB Radio", and you should find us! The show will be accessible once it starts at 9:00pm CT.

Want to listen to previous episodes of LSB Radio? All episodes are available on iTunes in our podcast store (they are all free) which can be found here!

Please feel free to post comments, questions, etc. here in this post. If you have any questions, comments, concerns, or would like to come on a future show, email our fearless leader at



Also, Ill post this--as I'm becoming known for it.



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