College Football Thread (Expectations)

The College football pseudo prediction thread

Also….if possible, I’d like to keep this as flame free as possible. Im going to refrain from bashing other schools and I hope others do as well….that means don’t pump sunshine into your own teams ass, but don’t treat other teams like an ass.

Obviously, I know UT the best so that is going to encompass the majority of my post, but I look forward to seeing the numerous posters from other schools that we have…except OU, no one likes you…just kidding boomer.

As for UT, I obviously see them as very good. This really may be the most talented team that Mack has ever put on the field. That said, qb is really important and Garrett Gilbert is very young and inexperienced. The thing that I love though is the talent and reports that have come out. I expect some lumps and mistakes, but overall I expect him to be very good and in the conversation for best qb in the Big XII. At RB, UT is far from elite, but I expect them to get production simply due to the fact that they will throw about 4 guys out there every game. Cody Johnson has been named the starter and it will be interesting to see if UT uses a more traditional set since he is not going to be spreading teams out much. The OL is the biggest weakness for Texas, but it is still far from weak. They lost 3 starters from last year, Mason may have been a starter though if healthy, but they didn’t really lose any studs. They may be more talented there, but not much. WR is a strength on the other hand and I expect some of the young guys to look great. TE is weak as well…ill leave it at that.

On defense, look out. The defense UT has is flat out nasty this year, better than last years in my opinion. The only real weakness is DT where we are a little young and lack depth, but watch out for Kheeston Randall who some think could turn into a 1st round draft pick this year. At DE, UT is ridiculously loaded with talent and speed, but some of it is a little on the young side. Sam Acho is a stud, and then UT can play Eddie Jones, Okafor, Wilson, Jeffcoat (only 3 former 5*s there…) and others to punish Big XII QBs. At LB, UT finally has elite talent there. Emmanuel Acho and Keenan Robinson are stars, and the depth isn’t terrible. But what puts UT over the top is the DBs. They simply have the best defensive backfield in the country. At corner, Aaron Williams, Curtis Brown, and Chykie Brown will all be drafted in the 1st 3 rounds. At safety, Blake Gideon will man one spot and he is very good. The other spot will be split between Christian Scott and Kenny Vacarro, who are both talented and will do bad things to opposing receivers who come into their area. Ultimately, I’m not sure if UT has the best D in the country….but they are damn close.

Special teams will be very good, but I will not guarantee anything when it comes to FGs. Justin Tucker will be the starter.

Ultimately, I think UT has as good a chance as anyone at going undefeated (except maybe TCU and Boise St), and I think they are just as talented as anyone. That said, I think ultimately they drop a game to someone, likely either OU or Nebraska, but I still think they go to the Big XII championship and a BCS game.

Shit, that was long, sorry guys.

Ill post some brief thoughts about other teams in the thread since this was so long.

Looking forward to hearing the thoughts from others on here, and feel free to ask any questions or feel free to disagree with my thoughts.

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