INSIDE PITCH PRESALE TODAY - tell us what you get (and some hints)

The Inside Pitch presale is today at 9am CDT.  Hopefully everyone has their codes (and credit cards ready).

There seems to be a growing amount of anxiety about what's going to be available, so I outlined the exact process for you, hoping that it will allow you to navigate the screen quickly and get the best seats available.

Here's how it works:

1. You can go to the (Inside Pitch Buyer Presale) website anytime before 9am and click on the Buy Tickets link (green).  This will pull up a ticketing page that will tell you that you are early.  From this page, you can hit refresh as often as you would like, and eventually (very, very close to 9am CDT) a box will appear, allowing you to enter your code.

2. Have your code written out and adjacent to your keyboard.  Also, I don't think that the code is case sensitive, but I had my Caps Lock on just in case.  Sadly, I also "practiced" they key sequence a few times while waiting - in support of doing anything possible to be one of the first ones through.  I tried to cut and paste the code last year, but this didn't work (IE), so I didn't try yesterday.  This is an expiring code.  Once you enter the code, you must buy tickets.  You cannot waffle, leave, return later and use the code again.

3. Once you enter the code, it will become a normal ticket purchasing process.  Know in advance how many seats you want.  You pull down the box to select up to four.  Know where you want to sit and what this looks like.  You can look at a ticket purchase screen for an upcoming game to familiarize yourself.  You can also select best available.  I have never had the most expensive group (Cuervo seats) provided when I went for best available, so I'm assuming those are by request only and not an auto-fill.  Once you have selected number of seats and price level, click CONTINUE>>>.  FWIW - you can select four, best available and hit CONTINUE>>> in 1-2 seconds.

4. Next is the Captcha Code.  This was the slowest part for me yesterday, but all I can say is be patient and realize that an error here takes longer than doing it right the first time.  Recycling the Code has been required of me more than once when I couldn't figure it out, but it's usually not that difficult.  I had to click in the box to start typing (IE) both yesterday and again today when I was walking through the steps again.  You can hit Enter when you are done (IE).


At this point you have your tickets, so slow down and enter your credit card details, mailing address that matches the card, etc.  Everything before this point has been done as quickly as possible to get the best seats available, but now you can go at normal speed.

I would use the print the tickets at home option.  I was able to have my ALDS tickets in hand before my season tickets were sent out, so that was good peace of mind.  You may want the physical tickets, but I am not sure that they use the ALDS card stock on the online purchases.  It's up to you.

Good luck!!!

IT'S TINE!!!!!

When you get your tickets, please tell us what you requested and what you received.

 Because the links have unique IDs (probably nothing important), I did not provide the link.  If you have an Inside Pitch email (which you must have to have a code), you have the link already.

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