Rangers 2010 story

Several people have talked about writing books telling the season story. I have some stuff ready and wanted to see what ya'll thought about it. I have included the intro and some major character dialog.

It is a period of conflict in the American West. Rangers, striking from their Arlington base, have won their first international victory by signing Colby Lewis

During the bidding spies were able to steal battle plans for winning the division from the Angels when Darren Oliver and Vlad defected to Texas. 

The evil empire continues its reign of terror by destroying team after team, however, a young band of heroes led by JD Prospectwhisperer fight to restore freedom and hope to the Ranger nation.


Thad: “JD, if you get a corner infielder, make sure he bats right handed.” 

JD: “Doesn’t look like we’ll have much of a choice, but I’ll try.”


 JD: “Ryan, this backup infielder has a bad motivator, look.”


 Greenberg: “Help me Texas oil-men, you’re my only hope.”


 A Rod: “The ability to field a playoff team is insignificant next to the power of the Yankees.”


 JD: "I've also been thinking about our agreement, and if these new prospects do workout, I want to sign an ace this season. "

Hicks: "This year we’ll be able to make enough in playoff tickets and you’ll be able to sign an ace next year."

 JD: "But it’s a whole other year."

 BMFF: “Where are you going?”

 JD: “Looks like I’m going no where. I have to finish with the rosters”


 Ryan: “Your fans wanted you to have it, but the budget wouldn’t allow it.”

 JD: “What is it?”

 Ryan: “A staff ace. It is the weapon of a World Series team. A more elegant pitcher, for a playoff game.”


Ryan: “For over a 3 year period the Rangers were the guardians of winning in the West. Before the dark times, before the Hicks.”


JD: “These are the same guys who were killing us last year.”

Ryan: “And this last ground ball, too far for a Young shortstop. Only an Elvis could make that pick and throw”


Ryan: “That’s no bug, that’s a MANTIS”


JD: “But why are they still standing for it?”

Hamilton: “They’re caught in the wave, its dragging them down. They aren’t killing this rally without a fight.”


Young: “Curse my diving body I wasn’t fast enough”


Greenberg: “If money is all that you love, then that’s what you’ll receive.”


I also plan on writing a sequel/prequel just about the courts, but only a small snippet of it so far.

Cuban: "I've just made a deal that will keep the courts out of here for good."

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