2011 Rotation

Alright guys, I know it's probably a bit early to be thinking about this, but I am one of those guys that believes the Rangers need to send most of their 25 man roster to the 15 day dl, send them to Cabo for two weeks, and coast into the playoffs. That said, I know I am ignorant and learning, so I'm sure I will be blasted by simply saying that.


Moving on, Here is what we are looking at for the 2011 rotation.

Cliff Lee!: Does he resign? Better yet, if the price is what we all think it will be, should we resign above say, 5 years at some cap of salary per year?


CJ Wilson: Some people thought Scot Feldmen was an answer for the ranger rotation after one solid year, so be weary of Wilson. That said, I think Wilson is head and shoulders above Feldmen as the better pitcher. CJ should again be in the top 3 of our rotation next year.


Colby Lewis: Solid, and his WAR is a very good 4.3, we should see him in the top 3 of the rotation again in 2011.


Tommy Hunter: Solid, but nothing special. Would love to see him as our number 5 starter, but not too much more.


Derek Holland: If we can consistently get what we saw last night out of Holland, He should be our number 3 or 4 starter going into next year, depending on if we resign Lee. If he continues to be plagued by inconsistency (or injuries), say hello to Brandon McCarthy 2.0


So, that is what we have right now, but if we don't resign Lee, you'd be looking at the following guys.


Michael Kirkman: Does he have the stuff to succeed at the big league level? I'd love to see him try to crack the rotation next season, but not until the middle of the year. Give him more innings and see if he holds up to the challenge.


Neftali Feliz: I for one do not want to see him try to crack the rotation. He simply doesn't have the secondary stuff. Also, imagine Feliz as the closer for the next 10 to 15 years. Imagine not having to worry about a blown save costing us a game every time we are in a close game (Frank Francisco, please take note of that last line). I for one would be happy with a shut down closer for the next decade.


Tanner Scheppers: Does he have the stuff to make a run at the rotation next season? Or does he go the CJ Wilson route and go through the pen and try a year or two down the road?


Rich Harden: God forbid we should have to look at him as a starter again, but if worst comes to worst.... Yeah I could see us using a 4-man rotation.


Thoughts? Comments? Concerns? Am I the idiot I think I am?

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