Newberg's top 72 prospects

Editor note: formatting corrected.

The Newberg has posted his top 72 prospects to the mailing list, which I thought would make for a good LSB discussion. Dirkatron will be saddened to find Marcus Lemon barely clinging to prospect status at 62. I was a little surprised to find Skole missing the top 10 at 11, but Jamey is evidently bullish on David Perez at 9. Given that Perez hasn't even appeared stateside, that's a very intriguing decision. I can't wait to see Perez in action this spring. I like Christian Villanueva getting the top 20 love but I'm not sure I agree with him being ranked ahead of Mike Olt. Regardless, I think this could be a breakout year for hitting prospects in this organization when you look at those two, Beltre, Profar, and a few others.

In any event, the top 72 should make a nice basis for discussion. I'll also add this- Jamey's list went to print before Barret Loux was signed. Where would you slot Loux on this list?

1. Martin Perez, LHP

2. Tanner Scheppers, RHP

3. Jurickson Profar, SS

4. Engel Beltre, OF

5. Robbie Erlin, LHP

6. Michael Kirkman, LHP

7. Luis Sardinas, SS

8. Robbie Ross, LHP

9. David Perez, RHP

10. Wilmer Font, RHP

11. Jake Skole, OF

12. Jorge Alfaro, C

13. Fabio Castillo, RHP

14. Joe Wieland, RHP

15. Matt Thompson, RHP

16. Luke Jackson, RHP

17. Christian Villanueva, 3B

18. Miguel De Los Santos, LHP

19. Mike Olt, 3B

20. Omar Beltre, RHP

21. Roman Mendez, RHP

22. Leury Garcia, SS

23. Miguel Velazquez, OF

24. Eric Hurley, RHP

25. Pedro Strop, RHP

26. Kellin Deglan, C

27. Jared Hoying, OF

28. Cody Buckel, RHP

29. Hanser Alberto, SS

30. Neil Ramirez, RHP

31. Tomas Telis, C

32. Zach Phillips, LHP

33. Justin Grimm, RHP

34. Teodoro Martinez, OF

35. Drew Robinson, IF-OF

36. Wilfredo Boscan, RHP

37. Odubel Herrera, 2B-SS

38. Jake Brigham, RHP

39. Craig Gentry, OF

40. Cody Eppley, RHP

41. Jose Felix, C

42. Chad Bell, LHP

43. Carlos Pimentel, RHP

44. Tommy Mendonca, 3B

45. Chris McGuiness, 1B

46. Kennil Gomez, RHP

47. Corey Young, LHP

48. Chad Tracy, 1B

49. Guillermo Moscoso, RHP

50. Kasey Kiker, LHP

51. Richard Alvarez, RHP

52. Josh Richmond, OF

53. Ovispo De Los Santos, RHP

54. Carlos Melo, RHP

55. Jordan Akins, OF

56. Trevor Hurley, RHP

57. Leonel De Los Santos, C

58. Danny Gutierrez, RHP

59. Geuris Grullon, LHP

60. Chris Hanna, LHP

61. Jimmy Reyes, LHP

62. Marcus Lemon, 2B-OF

63. Ruben Sierra Jr., OF

64. Randol Rojas, RHP

65. Ryan Strausborger, OF

66. Cristian Santana, OF

67. Shawn Blackwell, RHP

68. Mark Hamburger, RHP

69. David Paisano, OF

70. Joseph Ortiz, LHP

71. Tyler Tufts, RHP

72. Beau Jones, LHP

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