Life, Lone Star Ball, and the Texas Rangers

I've been more of a lurker the past few months, and before that I was generally looked down upon. If I can write this story, then no telling what some of you more veteran LSBers could say.

Right now, I am sitting in my college apartment writing this. I'm really bummed about tonight's game getting postponed, but the sun is shining in through my window and the Rangers are in the freaking World Series. What's not to be happy about? I figured that now would be a great time to do something like this. Some rain delay theater, if you will.


This website has meant a whole heck of a lot to me during my life. I discovered LSB when I was 15 years old, more or less. I still remember exactly where I was the first time I found and read a lot of the contents of this blog. It was in a run down old computer lab at my high school. I sat there for hours just reading stuff, because I didn't think people like you existed. All the hilarity in the comments section was an added bonus.


As I was saying, I was in high school. I was a pretty awkward kid back then. I attribute it to being jerked in and out of a lot of different schools during middle school and the beginning of high school. Because of this, there was a lack of consistency in my social life during my formative years. I was still a content person, however, because everything was held together by Dallas sports, the Texas Rangers in particular. Sports are an escape, they say. Why was it my escape? Well because my dad liked sports I guess. But also because there is just something about looking down at the green grass in Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. Something about watching the grounds crew prepare the field to be in pristine condition before The Game of Strategy ensues. Something about Chuck Morgan's voice. Something about that ballpark; how it's in the fresh air, but yet it's closed off from the rest of the world. Those center field office suits mean a lot, I would assert. It's a mystical place, RBIA is.


Soon after discovering and getting involved with Lone Star Ball, however, I began to get more consistency and stability in my social life. Even if LSB had never found me, I would still be a Rangers fan, as evidenced by the prior paragraph. The extent of my support may have been different though. It is only so fun to research, delve deep, and formulate opinions about a team when none of your friends care. LSB cares. Luckily I didn't have many friends pre-LSB, and I needed an escape, otherwise I might not have been a Rangers fan. Once I discovered LSB my life got a lot more stable, but I still have very few friends who are informed Rangers fans. It worked out perfectly. Just as the Texas Rangers held my life together for a time, LSB has held my intense love for the Texas Rangers together.


I love this website. I love how it is a node to all of the relevant information one needs to be a serious fan. I love the idiosyncrasies of the veteran posters. I love how y'all plan events. I love the comments sections after wins, heck even after losses - it's so funny. I love the .gif images. I love the women. I love Adam J. Morris. I love it. You all who come here often are the ones I consider to be the core of Rangers fandom, and are the best fan community in the world. To hell with SoSH, Lookout Landing, etc.


There's something in the air today; it will be even heavier tomorrow. I think most of you feel it too. Something really, really special is going to happen tomorrow night. Something that has never happened before. IF it happens, I'm going to party like never before. But when it's all said and done I'm going to come to my computer, crack open a Dr. Pepper, and proceed to smile and laugh along with each and every one of you. The great thing, though, is that even if it doesn't happen we will still all be here trying to suggest how the Rangers can make the dream come true, and enjoying each others company. I thank God for you guys.


I'm thankful that I am not one of those fans that are really excited about the Rangers during these playoffs, but couldn't say how we acquired Mike Napoli or what the name of our General Manager is. I'm thankful that the Rangers are something that I can shed a tear over - they probably wouldn't be if not for this website. Thank you, Lone Star Ball, for making my life better.



This is my ode to Lone Star Ball and the Texas Rangers. You should share yours.

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