LSB HC Draft Update

You know, over the past few days I've pondered the possibility of many stupid details in my life being at fault for us losing the world series. Was sticking with my so-called lucky shirt, avatar and toothpick the right decision for game 7? Did putting on a hat for the last few innings of game 6 doom the Rangers? Maybe. Probably.

But then I went to write up this post, and something dawned on me. You probably don't remember this, but the original Hot Chick Draft thread got knocked off the front page the day of the game 6 rainout. The Rangers, as you probably do remember, did not win again.

To sum up, 3 World Series wins with the Hot Chick draft on the front page, zero WS wins without it.

It's the only argument I need, Shawn.

Last time we talked, I outlined the rules and took the names of the final few folks who wanted in on this pointless little venture. 17 of you (including me) signed up and consequently went into the big randomizing machine. The wheels of fate wound up spinning around three times (because the second time they gave me the #1 draft spot and I knew nobody would ever believe that shit. And for another thing it had iblum dead last and I knew he'd DOS attack me if I didn't spin it again) and the following is what they came up with:

  1. ftwdrummer
  2. RCCook
  3. CMKelley
  4. Bigtill2002
  5. TideNtexas
  6. GayForFeliz
  7. LSJ
  8. vfn
  9. Heebs
  10. Schultzy
  11. thedudeabides
  12. Matchst1ck
  13. iblum
  14. IrishP1
  15. Mizzou918
  16. hornedfrogs45
  17. LSU Ranger

I suppose if somebody else really, really wants in I could still add them, but they're going at the back end of what's already up there. I'm pretty sure the rest of you just like to watch like Joey Kirby, though.

Otherwise, I guess all that's left is for the above 16 and me to get together right here and settle on a date and time that works for us all. How does next Wednesday (November 9th) sound? Peremptory/draft chat post going up at about 6:30 PM Texas time for everyone to gather in, with the actual drafting thread going up at 7 and starting soon after? UPDATE: the current suggestion is Monday the 7th, at a little later time (7-7:15 for the preemptory post, 7:30-7:45 for the actual draft post). Let me know how that works for you if you already haven't below.

(PS - if we could get this rec'd up so I can just change it to announce the start time in here when we get it figured out instead of making yet another post, that would be cool.)


UPDATE II - Official date is Monday, Nov. 7th

Since this needs to get done while people still have a few days to prepare and I don't think this thread's gonna generate much more input, I'm gonna go ahead and make Monday the 7th official. Preemptory post will go up at about 7:05 Texas (CT) time to explain again how the mechanics of it are going to (hopefully) work and provide a forum for discussion. The actual drafting post will go up at about 7:35.

Just as a reminder, you can review the rules here. The only amendment to mention right now is that on suggestion from below, you will be allowed to trade draft picks if you like.

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