College Football OT (Tuesday) or Why I am still railing against a LSU vs. Alabama Rematch

I don't want to see LSU play Alabama again.  I just don't.  The first game was 9-6.  I understand how much NFL talent there is on those two teams, but still, 9-6.  I am going to post an excerpt from this article and I'll link the whole thing if anyone wants to read it.  And if David Shaw is going to get grief for his comments the other day, Saban needs some coming his way as well. 

In December of 2002 I spent the better part of the month getting hammered by Miami fans for saying their Hurricanes were overrated and CFN’s pick of Ohio State to win the Fiesta Bowl. It was supposed to be a sure-thing that Miami – the defending national champion on a 35-game winning streak – was going to blow past the undefeated but shaky Buckeyes.

Ohio State 31, Miami 24.

CFN was obliterated by angry USC fans for picking Texas to win the 2006 Rose Bowl, even though the mighty Trojans were already named the Greatest Team of All-Time. Texas 41, USC 38

I was also honked at by the SEC types for handing Ohio State the crown in 2006 after the epic 42-39 win over Michigan.

Florida 41, Ohio State 14.

Penn State 14, Miami 10 in the 1987 Fiesta Bowl; Alabama 34, Miami 13 in the 1993 Sugar Bowl; Utah 31, Alabama 17 in the 2009 Sugar Bowl; West Virginia 38, Georgia 35 in the 2005 Sugar Bowl; Boise State 43, Oklahoma 42 in the 2007 Fiesta Bowl, and on, and on, and on.

Going by the “eye test” is a dangerous thing.

Yeah, Alabama looks like it’s one of the two best teams in the country, but time after time after time the eyes have failed the college football experts. That’s why they actually play the games on the field, and that’s why someone other than Alabama has to play LSU for the national title.

From a theoretical standpoint, nothing positive can come out of a rematch for the national title. If LSU wins, then it’ll be an empty feeling. It would be nice to see an Oklahoma State, Virginia Tech, Houston, or anyone else get their shot, if only to prove once again that LSU is better than everyone.

If Alabama beats LSU, then there will always be a, “Yeah, okay, but …,” attached to the national title. The series will be tied at 1-1 with LSU having won at Alabama.

And then there’s the eye-test thing to go back to.

Alabama beat three teams with winning records. Its best win was over an Arkansas team whose best win was over the seventh-best team in the Big 12 – Texas A&M. Bama’s second best win was over the Big Ten’s fifth-best team, Penn State.

What’s missing from the LSU and Alabama equations? Passing teams.

Tyler Wilson was the best quarterback Alabama faced. Jordan Jefferson was second. The third-best quarterback Oklahoma State faced was Arizona’s Nick Foles, who threw for 4,334 yards and 34 scores- Robert Griffin and Landry Jones, up next, are the other two.

LSU faced West Virginia’s Geno Smith and got bombed on.

Again, what will it prove if these two play a rematch?

Isn’t just possible that getting through the Alabama schedule really wasn’t that big a deal? Isn’t it likely that Oklahoma State, Stanford, Virginia Tech, or even Wisconsin, would’ve also gone 11-1 with this slate?

Isn’t it possible that our eyes could be deceiving us? Let’s give another team a crack at LSU to find out. If Alabama goes to the Sugar and wallops Michigan, it’ll finish No. 2 – like it should.


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