The LSB HC Draft Discussion and Orientation Thread

Before we get down to business today, I just want to thank bigtill for the opportunity to run with this. Putting this all together has been a welcome post-WS distraction and hot chicks are kind of my second (and these days first) hobby, so I've always wanted to do something like this (albeit I never thought of doing it on LSB before). I tried to take as many of everyone's suggestions and work them in as possible and I'm pretty happy with what we've come up with. I think we're all in for a fun evening.

First, a quick annoucement/update: we lost Irish and Mizzou at the last second today, so the actual draft post will be moving back from 7:35 to 8:05 to make sure everyone left can be here. I'm also open to adding a couple late entries to replace who we lost if anyone's interested - only caveat is you'll be tacked onto the back of what remains of the original draft order.

First second off: the format. There will be at least two different threads tonight, this one and the actual draft post. To avoid confusion, I'm asking that everyone, drafters and spectators, keep the discussion and banter confined to this thread and leave the draft thread open for the actual drafting. If we need another discussion thread, I or somebody else can create one.

As to the actual draft thread: when it goes up, us drafters need to go in there and make one initial post with our draft number in the subject line, and maybe your name - something along the lines of "#7 - LSJ". I'm kind of hoping we can get all of us to do it in the correct order, with ftwdrummer posting first, RCCook posting second, and so on - but it's not the end of the world if that doesn't happen. Just make sure your draft number is the first thing in your subject line. UPDATE: per Match's suggestion, I'll create everybody's subthreads myself so all y'all have to do is check in under them. Probably more organized that way.

From there, when the draft starts you'll be posting your picks in reply to the initial comment with your number. So hopefully the draft thread will wind up looking something like this (except with pictures):


That way you can either include a photo with your selection comment or reply to your selection comment and add a photo, and things will still stay fairly organized and easy to read in there.

One other thing - I'll be running an official draft spreadsheet on google docs for easy reference, or at least I'm going to try. I believe it'll update itself every 5 minutes, if not I imagine refreshing it as needed will do the trick.


To view the official draft spreadsheet with the official draft order, click here.


The rest of the Rules:

  • We're going 25 rounds, or at least we're going to attempt it - if you run out of names before then however, you can bow out early if you like. We're not actually drafting for anything, so you won't be considered a "loser" or something. At least not officially.
  • You have to include a picture with each draft selection - as mentioned above, it doesn't have to be in your selection comment, you can make your selection and then go grab a pic, but you have to give us visuals. Linking to a pic or even a set of pics if you want to go that route is acceptable too. And all you observers can get in on the act and post pics in the discussion thread if you like (in fact, I'm assuming you will). Just keep it SFW, and stay away from the GIFs.
  • Current celebs only. Celeb basically just meaning they have to be known in some kind of industry or sport or something, and they have to pull something proving it up on google.
  • You can trade draft picks, but it's probably easier if you wait until after the draft. If you do want to do it during the draft it has to be a 1-1 swap for the sake of draft board symmetry and everything.
  • This goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway: you can't draft someone who's already been drafted, so check beforehand if you're not sure - ctr+f on either the draft thread or the google docs draft board should make that easy.

That's about it. So let the discussion begin.

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