Texas Rangers pitching.... What kind of season will it be????

Before i talk about the 2011 season, lets look back on the 2010 starting 5 and there results..

Scott Feldman- Feldman lost his sinker ball that made him a 17 game winner in 09, he ended up with a 5.48 ERA pitching 141.1 innings.

Rich Harden- Rich was one of the big off-season signings but had a terrible season posting a 5.58 ERA in 99 innings.

Colby Lewis- Pitched great for his first back from Japan. He had a 3.72 ERA in 201 innings and struck out 196.

C.J. Wilson- He went from the set-up man in 09 to the Ace. He posted a 3.35 era in 204 innings, striking out 170.

Matt Harrison- Only started nine games because of injuries but made came back as a solid long reliever.

Well obliviously those 5 weren't the only starters.. Tommy Hunter came up and became a major force in the rotation.. Dustin Nippert and Omar Beltre started a couple of games but didnt do so good. Then the Rangers made the big trade for Cliff Lee. Cliff pitched okay during the season posting a 3.98 ERA, but he was masterful in the playoffs..

Now ill talk about the 2011 pitching

My projected starting 5..

C.J. Wilson

Colby Lewis

Tommy Hunter

Brandon Webb

Derek Holland

other candidates for the rotation Michael Kirkman, Neftali Feliz, Alexi Ogando, Matt Harrison, Dave Bush, Omar Beltre, Seth McClung, and Eric Hurley 

Now the question is, is the rotation good?? Well to me its by far better then last years opening day starting 5.

If  C.J. Wilson and Colby Lewis can continue there success from last year, i think those two guys can win 15 games easy. Now Tommy Hunter has gotten better the past two years and i think he will keep learning and continue to get better. I see Tommy as solid number 3 starter. What will Brandon Webb bring, i think he'll be okay. I know he hasn't pitched in two years but he isn't a power pitcher, hes a pitcher that has great movement on his pitches. You got to remember this guy won Cy Young in 06 and came in second in 07,08. So he knows how to pitch, hes going to be rusty of course he will but i still think he can find his way to Cy Young Form. Derek Holland is going to be this years Madison Bumgarner enough said.

       Now injuries are going to happen. So your going to have to have people come up and produce. I think Michael Kirkman is going to be that guy, to me Kirkman is going to be a solid major league starter and it maybe this year. Dave Bush and Matt Harrison i think will be spot starters, i see both of them in bullpen as long-relievers. Feliz and Ogando will go into spring training as starters, but really, there not ready. They still have to work on there secondary pitches. I see Omar Beltre, Seth McClung, and Eric Hurley starting this year in triple-a.

        So as Rangers fans should we worry about the rotation???  No, i pretty sure this rotation going to be GREAT!! Why am i so confident in the rotation, this is why.. The Texas Rangers offense is one of the best in baseball and there going to score runs. Another reason is the defense, with the signing of Adrian Beltre, the Rangers defense is solid if not great, The last reason is that rotation has TALENT!!

   Note: Rangers could also trade for another solid starter either for Michael Young or during the tradeline..

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