Lonestar Ball Fantasy League on Facebook (All Can Join)



I just created a Lone Star Ball Facebook fantasy league that as many people can join as they want. Even if we all run off to join different fantasy leagues this one we can all be in as a group. Heres the rules and scoring below.

How do you play the game? Pick your baseball team and stay under your initial salary cap of $200m. A player's salary will be adjusted throughout the season based on performance, injuries, etc. Points are scored using the system below. Scoring

Batting Categories Points        Pitching Categories Points
Out -.3   Inning Pitched 2
Single 1   Earned Runs -2
Double 2   Strikeout 1
Triple 3   Win 8
Home Run 5   Loss -5
Run Scored 1   Save 5
RBI 1   Complete Game 5
Stolen Base 2   Walk Issued -1
Walk .5  



Are there any trade limits?
Yes, but only for starting pitchers. Every team will still be allotted four starting pitchers. The only limitation is you will be limited to one pitcher trade per day. All other positions may be traded every day.

How does the starting pitcher trade limit work?

Your team is allotted four starting pitchers. Each team is simply allowed to trade one starting pitcher per day and there is NO game or inning limitation for starting pitchers

When can I trade players?

You can your trade your daily roster throughout the day but you cannot trade or acquire players who have already started playing that day. Approximately 15 minutes after the start of the last game of the day, roster changes will be effective the following day. Your team management screen will publish the daily cutoff time.

What are other position limits?

To keep the game fun and fair, a game limit prevents teams from buying/selling daily throughout the season and starting an entire line-up every day.

How much do I earn if I sell a player?

New for this season, you will see a market price and a sale price for each player on your team. The market price is the cost of the player to add to a team on the open market. The sale price is the price you can sell the player for.

What’s the difference?

Owners must keep a player for 14 days to sell a player on their team for the full market price. Each day owners will earn a percentage of the change in price between what they paid for the player and the current market value. After 14 days, owners may trade the player for the full difference in price (whether it goes up or down). Your team budget will fluctuate as your players rise and fall in value over the course of the season.

How often will the player values change?

When the season begins, player values will be updated throughout the day. The values are adjusted based primarily on ownership. Remember, though a player may go up and down in value, the length of time you have owned a player will determine how much of that change you will realize when you trade the player.

Is every MLB player available?

Not every MLB player is available and on the market. Players are added throughout the season.

When will players' salaries start to move?

Player salaries will start to move on Friday April 8th.

In the event of a double-header, will my player receive points for both of the games?

Yes. If a doubleheader is played, all players will get credit for the stats compiled during both games. It is not possible to activate a player for just the first or second game. They must either be active or benched for both games.


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