Jim Reeves...

Has really changed his tone on things in the last 24 hours

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He has every right to be unhappy about this third affront to his dignity. Over the years, the Rangers have given plenty of lip service to how much they appreciate Young, but as usual, actions speak much louder than words.

Once upon a time, Young was a better-than-average second baseman. He won a Gold Glove at short, which was probably more a statement about the esteem in which he is held throughout the American League than about his actual ability at the position. He was not a particularly good defender at third, but it's not his fault that's where the Rangers put him.

It's clear now that Michael Young has reached the end of his rope and his patience with the Rangers. If they haven't shoved him out the door, they've at least swung it wide open and planted a foot firmly on his rear end. So go ahead; make Michael's day.

To This

Young has been vague about his charges, perhaps because he doesn't want to air dirty laundry. That stance may be admirable but it's not particularly fair to general manager Jon Daniels, who should be provided the opportunity to defend himself against specific charges in a case like this.....


He does, but he also needs to grasp the reality of the situation. Young still considers himself a solid defensive player; the numbers indicate that's just not true, at least not at third base or shortstop. Once upon a time, before he voluntarily moved to shortstop to fill a gaping hole and to make room for Alfonso Soriano, he was an above-average second baseman, but who knows now?


Young contends that he hasn't given any thought to his next contract, when his current deal expires in three years and that this isn't about that. I think he's being honest there. He'll make $48 million over the next three years. Why would he be worried about his next deal?

That's a mighty big change in a short amount of time.

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