Individual games going on sale, what's worth buying?

Over the next five days, on a rolling basis, individual game tickets for the 80 games other than opening day will be going on sale.  Today is the pre-sale for person with larger season ticket plans.  Over the next few days, seats will go on sale to those with smaller plans, Rangers Insiders, and other groups, probably at some point including those who "lost" the opening day lottery but were offered a deal to buy tickets before they go on sale to the public. The general on sale date is March 5.  With an active secondary market in Rangers tickets, the question arises, what's worth buying directly from the Rangers.  The answer turns out to be a very short list.   

I took a look at two sections, lower box, which is what would typically be the best that would be available if you want good seats to a good game.  They go for $62 for regular games and $69 for premium games. The second was lower reserved.  They go for $32 for regular games, $36 for premium games.

The Rangers offered a discount to persons who lost out on the opening day ticket opportunity, allowing them to buy some premium tickets at the regular game price.  At the ballpark box office you can avoid service charges that you have to pay if you buy online.  Season ticket holders also get a discount on individual game purchases.

For games where the secondary market is priced higher than the Rangers premium price even before service charges, it clearly would make sense to buy from the Rangers if you can. We'll call those green light games.  For games where the secondary market is as much as 20% below the box office price, it might make sense to buy directly depending on the deal you are getting, whether you are able to avoid a service charge by the Rangers and the seat locations available from the Rangers.  We'll call those yellow light games.  Finally, there are some games where prices are currently better on the secondary market, but are elevated enough that this could potentially change at some point.  We'll call those the flashing red games (pun away if you wish)


Here are the lists.  Again, LR stands for Lower Reserved, LB stands for Lower Box.



April 2 Red Sox LB LR

April 3 Red Sox LR

May 6-8 Yankees LB LR

Aug 22-25 Red Sox LB



April 3 Red Sox LB

June 24-25 Mets LB LR

Aug 22-25 Red Sox LR


Flashing Red

Saturday May 14 Angels LB

Saturday May 28 Royals LR

June 20-22 Astros LR

July 1,2,4 Marlins LR

Friday July 8 A's LR

Saturday July 9 A;s LR LB

Saturday July 23 Toronto LR LB

Saturday Aug 6 Cleveland LR

Saturday Sept 10 Oak. LB


None of the the other games are even close to the line.

This certainly could change as increased demand, which is likely to lead to total attendance of around 2.9 million, has its impact on the market. Also, the promotional schedule isn't out.  A bobblehead day could change the market for an individual date substantially. However, at at least right now, unless you are looking for Red Sox, Yankees or Mets tickets you can camp over night at the ballpark on the night of March 4th if you would like to just for the fun of it, but for price and seat location you'll have done better if you already bought online.

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