Preview of the Week of April 25-May 1 Attendance, Tickets and Promos

This past Friday night after the Rangers victory, with more than 45k in attendance, the fireworks show was canceled due to high winds. As a consolation the Rangers are offering attendees of that game free upper reserved tickets to any of nine games in early June with more details available at 

After drawing another 45k on Saturday, and after today's game, the Rangers continue their long home stand with four weekday home games against the Blue Jays.  Although the Rangers performance on the field in recent days has been inconsistent to say the least-- at the box office, their performance has been consistently excellent..

In comparing the Rangers attendance with past years I use three baselines.  1997 was the Rangers all time attendance record of approximately 2.95 million coming off their first playoff appearance.  In 1994, their first year in the news stadium, they were doing even better, on a pace for something between 3.1 and 3.2 million before the strike intervened.  In 2001, Arod's first year with the team, attendance shot out of the gate before doing a slow fade in the second half as the Rangers fell further and further out of the race.  In each of 1994,1997 and 2001 the first 12 home games were split 6 weekday and 6 weekend.  After the game on April 24 the Rangers will have played 6 weekday and 6 weekend games as well, making comparisons very easy.

                                                                         Through 12 home games


1997 Rangers                                        399,951

1994 Rangers                                         438.066

2001 Rangers                                         448,110

2011 Rangers                                         414,939 + Sunday


Assuming they draw at least 24,000 on Sunday, the Rangers will be ahead of their 1994 pace and far ahead of the pace in 1997.. Catching the 2001 standard with just over 33k attendees today may or may not happen, but the 2001 Rangers were already 6 1/2 games out and about to embark ion a 4-18 streak that would bury their season before the end of May.  Needless to say, we have a different level of expectations for the 2011 Rangers.  Any way you look at it, they are on  track for attendance on the high side of 3 million.

Let's see if that is still going to be true after the next four games against the Blue Jays, which figures based on historical attendance trends to be among the most poorly attended series of the season, although they will undoubtedly draw much better than the slightly less less than 17,500 a game they drew for a four weekday games against the Tigers and White Sox on April 26-29 2010..

Monday April 25 Rangers vs. Blue Jays 7:05 p.m.-  The Monday promotion this week is Adrian Beltre t-shirts for everyone coming to the game.  Beltre has done well so far this year and most people probably don't have a Beltre t-shirt already.  Not quite at the bobblehead level, but this should draw some extra attendees compared to other games this week.

All the usual ticket specials (Dr Pepper, Family Packs, etc. are available for the week) and I also wanted to mention another ticket special available from a third party.  Smart Circle is offering coupon books for $39.99 that include four $32 seats (lower reserved on worse) for weekday games, plus 6 buy one get one free vouchers for corner box or worse.  While this isn't as much of a slam dunk as it looks since you can often get lower reserved seats for around $10 a piece for weekday games on Stubhub, given that the Astros series isn't blacked out and the buy one get one free is available for weekends, there are plenty of times when using these would be a good deal.

April 25, though, is probably a day where you would just want to get your best deal on Stubhub.  Lower box and Lower infields can be had in the 20s, and if you want to splurge, you can get some Premium infield seats (first fourteen rows inside the bases) for no more than you would pay for corner box seats at the box office.


Tuesday April 26, Rangers vs. Blue Jays 7:05 p.m.- Thirsty Tuesday.  Still over 2,000 tickets available on Stubhub.  Prices and ticket specials pretty similar to Monday.

Wednesday April 27, Ranger vs. Blue Jays 7:05 p.m.-  Autographs and dollar hot dogs highlight the evening's festivities.  Slightly fewer tickets available on the secondary market than for Tuesday.  Website Wednesday brings slightly lower prices directly from the Rangers than the Dr. Pepper specials available on other days of the week.

Thursday April 28, Rangers vs. Blue Jays 1:05 p.m.- If you had to devise a test of the lowest possible attendance the Rangers could draw for a game you would want to schedule it on a weekday, before school gets out and during the day.   For added measure you would make sure there isn't any sort of promotion to draw people in.  That is exactly what the Rangers have planned for Thursday.  This could easily be the least attended game of the season.  Last year the lowest attendance for a game was on the exact same date, April 27, 2010, which was a Tuesday when they drew 14,589.  This year, it wouldn't surprise me if the low for a game is at or around 20,000.

ticket prices for April 25-28 series

                                              lower box               lower infield            recent price direction

April 25                                $23-$32                 $29-$31                         stable to slight decrease

April 26                                 $30-$33                $30-$33                         stable to slight increase

April 27                                 $23-$30                 $33                                stable

April 28                                $25-$26                  $28-$30                       Slight increase



Looking ahead-  Prices for the May 6,7,8 series against the Yankees remain stubbornly high, with lower infield seats on the high side of $100 for all three nights.  I would not rush to buy tickets for those games, and especially May 6, 7 as those two games have the highest inventory of tickets available on Stubhub for any games this season, almost guaranteeing some continued decline in ticket prices

The Rangers are offering a $1 discount on tickets in certain sections to the upcoming A's series for each game the Rangers win in April.  With 12 wins in the books $26 tickets in Lexus Club Terrace are in line to be sold for $14, and hopefully much less than that by the time the month is over.

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