May 23-May 29 Attendance, Tickets and Promos

On Wednesday May 25th the Rangers will play their 27th home game of the season.  With 886,008 fans drawn to the ballpark in their first 24 home dates, they would have to average 38,000 per game for the weekend homestand to reach the one million mark that would put them on a pace to draw 3,000,000 fans.  Nonetheless, and despite the fact that most games against the Red Sox and Yankees have already been played, I wouldn't rule out a run at 3 million, given that only have to draw 25,000 a game for the three upcoming weekday games, which they probably will do, in order to be ahead of their pace through 27 games in 1997 when they drew 2.95 million.


1997 through 27 games 962, 552.  Fans per game  .35,650

2011 through 24 games 886,008.  Fans per game 36,917

6 home games for the Ranger this week.  Here they are:

May 23 7:05 p.m. Rangers vs. White Sox-  It's Josh Hamilton night x2.  First, the scheduled promo is the give away of the Josh Hamilton statuette to all in attendance, definitely one of the the better give aways this season.  The second and unscheduled promo is the return to the line up of the very same Josh Hamilton, not to mention Nellie Cruz.  Given the number of outstanding pitching performances that  have gone to waste because of anemic offensive output, the two of them will be a sight for sore eyes.and probably quite a few of them.  I would expect 30k+.  Less than 1,000 tickets on Stubhub means likely stable prices through the day today.

Tuesday May 24 7:05 p.m. Rangers vs. White Sox-  A couple of weeks ago when I wrote about the success of the Monday night promotions I guessed that the AL pennant promotion would outdraw the Tuesday night Thirsty Tuesday game.  It didn't happen that way, with a significantly larger crowd on Tuesday than Monday and it looks like Tuesday will outdraw Monday again with considerably less ticket availability directly from the Rangers than there is for Monday night.  On the other hand, there is more availability and at cheaper prices for Tuesday on Stubhub.   I'm not sure how much the Monday Mavs game ties into this, but it could be one of the factors at work to explain this seeming contradiction.

Wednesday May 25, 1:05 p.m.-- If you enjoyed learning about the weather before seeing some at first hand on Wednesday May 11, then you are going to love Wildlife day..  Same plan as two weeks ago, with gates opening at 9:30 and the presentation starting at 10:15, with an opportunity to meet and learn about a variety of animals from the Dallas Zoo's educational animal collection.  Just hope that if the Rangers get up 7-0 that the game isn't cancelled on account of penguins, lemurs or whatever else they happen to bring along getting loose.  It's also dollar hot dog day..  This looks likely to be the least attended game of the three against the White Sox,   Lots of tickets available from the Rangers, particularly inexpensive tickets available from Stubhub.      

Stubhub Prices for White Sox Series as of May 22


                                                      Lower  infield                    Lower box                  Price Direction

May 23                                             $36-$40                            $31-$35                   recent decline will likely stabilize


May 24                                            $29-$30                             $27-$32                   stable


May 25                                            $28-$31                             $15-$21                   stable



Friday May 27 7:05 p.m. Rangers vs. Kansas City- Click it or Ticket appears to be sponsoring the post game fireworks that evening, don't know whether that means the fireworks will be better or worse than usual.  Some very nice tickets are still available from the Rangers, although at premium game prices.   Secondary market tickets are also considerably more expensive than those for the games earlier in the week.  With only 1500 available on Stubhub this far before the game it is certainly possible that prices there will rise, making tickets available directly from the Rangers competitively priced.  This is one game that you will want to compare those two options before purchasing.


Saturday May 28 6:10 p.m. Rangers vs. KC - Note the unusual start time.  No promo, but they aren't going to need one to draw a large crowd to this Saturday night game.

Sunday May 29 2:10 p.m Rangers vs. KC What Saturday lacks in promotions, Sunday will have in abundance.  Not only is it bark in the park day (advance registration required if you want to share your passion for the Rangers with your favorite canine) and dollar ice cream day, but with the traditional kick off of the pool season they are giving Rangers swimming pool floats to the first 10,000 kids ages 13 and under.  While I don't expect this to be as hot a promotion as Feliz jersey day, there is a good chance, like the Feliz jerseys, that these could run out before all kids in attendance get one, so if you really want one of these, plan to be early..


                                              Lower infield              Lower Box                         Price Direction

May 27                                  $50-$55                        $48-$50                          increasing slightly


May 28                                   $59-$60                      $59-$60                          increasing moderately


May 29                                    $34-$41                     $40-$42                        some increase in lower box

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