Pieces/Parts Falling off the Wagon

  • Ok... our two best relievers are 40+ (heavy emphasis on the +)... until Neffy returns.
  • Our best hitters are hovering around the Mendoza line.
  • Pitching is sound one game and craters the next.
  • We can't get a man home from second with one out late in a game?

Ian Kinsler is a head case.  Other than great defense and a clubhouse presence second-to-none, he's doing nothing for us this year.  Every time he makes history, he banks that and goes into the tank.  Two years ago he hit for they cycle then immediately failed to hit .200 over the next month.  This year, he opened the season with leadoff dingers in the first two games of the season then ... nada.  He's so intent on hitting his first 5-run homer he ends up popping up with regularity.  When we NEED BASE RUNNERS late in games, he refuses to take a walk - he HAS to be the hero so he swings at ball four - TWICE - popping up to the outfield on the second one.

How many Rangers have batting averages BELOW .250 ... is this OUR Rangers?  Where's our "hitting coach"?  It seems the team is not responding well at all to Mr. Thames holy presence.  The only one that seems immune is MY and, lately, Adrian Beltway.  What's this guy's credentials, anyway?  It CERTAINLY wasn't what we've had before.

I do have to admit, Derek Holland impressed me in his last start.  Normally, when someone hits one of his pitches, he hikes his panties and refuses to throw anything else over the plate.  Until he has to - then, he gets too much plate and his panties get pulled down again. Not this game.  When things didn't quite work right, he came right back and kept throwing strikes.  Good strikes.  Strikes that don't get hit TO THE MOON, ALICE!!!  Strikes that cause outs.

Maybe he's a keeper in our rotation.  I still think Matt Harrison is the best pitcher on the team.  His head fuzz the last couple of games may just be dead arm?  Let's hope?  The only one who might keep Harry #2 could be Alexi Ogando.  Nothing fazes him.  And for good reason (see Dominican Marriage Scandal in other articles).  If/when Brandon Webb finds himself again, noodle-armed Colby Lewis could well find himself the odd man out and may well join Scott Feldman to bring our bullpen back on track.  Then, we can slide our 40+ "heroes" back into non-pressure situation where they can't blow us out of the water when they fail - spectacularly - due to overexposure.  "Big Game" Hunter may just have picked the wrong time to get hurt.  His inability to put away hitters may be better served bolstering the bullpen as well.  CJ is a stud under any circumstances and is right where he belongs.

Can we go ahead and bring Martin up?  Sign him, suit him, ticket him and get him on the field.  I'm tired of seeing Julio Borbon try to out-Kinsler our leadoff hitter with all those lazy fly balls into the outfield - when he makes contact.  Josh can't get back too soon.  Thank God for Mitch and Murph.  Those two are oblivious to game situations.  When the rest of the team is sound asleep (as often happens with this team), all of a sudden, Murph or Mitch will do the unthinkable - they'll hit the ball where someone isn't standing or they'll refuse to take the K.  While the other "heroes" go into Cruz-control making out after out, these guys are still trying to figure a way to get on base.

Oh yeah... after initially being concerned about sending away pitching for more hitting (Frankie for Napoli), I'm really starting to like that trade.  Frankie spends more time on the DL than on the field these days and Mikey brings his thunder stick to every at bat.  He must be ignoring the teachings of his hitting coach since he's still dangerous up there.  Mike, Mike and the Belter.  Doing their own thing... ignoring the Thames River that's drowning many of our other guys.

Mikey Young      .342
Hambone          .333 (DL)

Torrealba         .288
Murph               .286
Moreland         .277

Needs Work:
Borbon             .259 (especially w/ lack of power)
Andrus             .257 (defense mitigates deficiency)
Beltre                .252 (ditto - and, power, too - improving)
Napoli              .240 (Power mitigates - improving)

Crush Davis    .235 (not much opps, tho)
Kinsler              .231 (even defense can't mitigate THAT)
Cruz                   .225 (looks lost at the plate)

Blanco             .200 (not much opps, either)
Teagarden      .000 (ditto)

Who's idea was it to bring an unproven hitting coach on board, anyway?

Wash?  Anything?

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