OT - CFB Pre-Season Thread 1 (Let the Hate Commence!)

Oh Josey, Josey, Josey......

Your day has come. 

It has been too long since we have had an epic CFB bruhaha the likes that the standard SBN CFB site could not comprehend.('cept maybe EDSBS)

Let's face it, Angrydomers - our boys are in the dog days of summer, the NFL is still in a lockout, and the NBA is doing it's damn best to trump the NFL one. So what's left to bust each others' balls about?(Sorry Lisa, BIMB, and the rest of you ladies.) Wimbledon? Pass. NASCAR? Pass. Love?! Well, no. Except maybe IANF. So, we're left with some good old fashioned college football to discuss.

In the coming weeks, as long as Fitz and Von MarriageSmasher allow it, we will cuss and discuss some CFB Preview mags, their outlandish predictions, and why Josey insists that Tech will win a Zombie XII championship before it dissolves in 2012.(That's my call, btw.)

So, without further adieu, we begin with this week's magazine. 

After the bump.


Sporting News 2011 CFB Preview

National Top Ten

1. LSU 2. OU 3. Alabama 4. Stanford 5. Oregon 6. Boise State 7. Florida State 8. Ohio State 9. Texas A&M 10. Nebraska

Heisman Front Runners

Andrew Luck - QB, Stanford

Kellen Moore - QB, Boise State

LaMichael James - RB, Oregon

Other Heisman Hopefuls

Landry Jones - QB, OU  Marcus Lattimore - RB, South Carolina  Trent Richardson - RB, Alabama Cliff Harris - CB/PR, Oregon  Cyrus Gray - RB, Texas A&M  Geno Smith - QB, West Virginia

Zombie XII Rankings

1. OU  2. Texas A&M  3. Oklahoma State  4. Missouri  5. Texas  6. Baylor  7. Texas Tech  8. Kansas State  9. Iowa State  10. Kansas


Key Players - Landry Jones, QB  Ryan Broyles, WR  Stephen Good, LG  Corey Nelson, OLB

Key Games - @ Florida State, Texas, Texas A&M, @ Oklahoma State

Texas A&M

Key Players - Ryan Tannehill, QB  Cyrus Gray, RB  Jeff Fuller, WR  Coryell Judie, CB  

Key Games - Oklahoma State, Arkansas, @OU, Texas

Oklahoma State

Key Players - Brandon Weeden, QB  Justin Blackmon, WR  Markelle Martin, SS Brodick Brown, CB

Key Games - Arizona, @Texas A&M, @Texas, Oklahoma


Key Players - Garrett Gilbert, QB  Malcolm Brown, RB  Jackson Jeffcoat, DE  Blake Gideon, FS

Key Games - BYU, @UCLA, OU,  @Texas A&M


Key Players - Robert Griffin III, QB  Kendall Wright & Josh Gordon, WR's  Elliot Coffey, MiLB

Key Games - TCU, @Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Texas

Texas Tech

Key Players - Seth Doege, QB  Eric Stephens, FL

Key Games - Nevada, Texas A&M, @OU, @Texas


Key Players - Tank Carder, LB  Ed Wesley, RB  Antoine Hicks, WR  Tanner Brock, LB

Key Games - @Baylor, @Air Force, BYU, @Boise State

Other Key Games(National)

LSU vs Oregon

Georgia vs Boise State

Ohio State @ Nebraska

LSU @ Alabama

Oregon @ Stanford


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