June 27-July 3 attendance, tickets and promos

I predicted significantly more than 110,000 for the Astros series.  I don't know if slightly over 115k qualifies as significantly more, but it was more.

This was followed by three against the Mets which drew slightly over 120k. 

All told, through 39 home games the Rangers have now drawn 1,454,599 which works out to a pace for 81 games of just over 3 million, or to be precise 3,021,090.  At least over the next four games, it is almost certain that this average will go up. The first three of those four will be played this coming weekend and are discussed individually below.

Friday, July 1, Rangers vs. Marlins, 7:05 p.m. - No better way to start the fourth of July weekend than with a baseball game and fireworks (although a Rangers win would also be nice). Fireworks have both a patriotic and a rock and roll theme.  I'm sure that will make sense when we actually see them.  Ten dollar tickets using the Verizon promotion are quite tight, wtih none available in Lexus Club Terrace or Upper Box, but there is surprising good availability for good seats elsewhere in premium areas, albeit at premium prices.  You'll find somewhat better deals on Stubhub, and with nearly 3,000 seats for sale there, prices may decline somewhat as gametime approaches. 

Saturday July 2, Rangers vs. Marlins 7:05 p.m.- Tickets are presently significantly more expensive than for Friday and Sunday but with a similar supply and likely similar attendance, prices on Stubhub for Saturday will likely converge with those for Friday as the week goes on. No promos but that shouldn't stop this game from drawing a big crowd.

Sunday July 3, Rangers vs. Marlins 7:05 p.m.-  Usually Sunday games don't sell as well in the summer because they are either during the day and way too hot, or at night, right before a work day the next day.   But, since this is a night game, and since the next day is the fourth of July this is effectively much more like a Saturday night than a Sunday night, making it a particularly good game if you are looking to exchange or dead season tickets.  They are also giving away Ian Kinsler white jerseys to the first 10,000 kids. Ticket prices are pretty comparable to those for  Friday night.  Ticket availability directly from the Rangers is pretty tight, with no fours available in lower infield or lexus club box and the only  4s in lower box in the 100s level.

prices and trends for medium quality lower box and for lower infield seats on Stubhub

                                                            lower box                               lower infield                             trend


July 1                                                  $35-$48                                     $44-$50                            down       


July 2                                                  $42-$49                                     $54-$58                       down moderately


July 3                                                  $38-$47                                     $48-$50                       stable


I'll talk about the series against the Orioles including fourth of July and the weekend series about the A's to follow, next week.  What I do know about Fourth of July at the moment is that plans include a flyover, a large patriotic fireworks show and Scott and Laura Hoying singing the national anthem.  More, this coming Sunday.

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