Preview of the Week of June 6-12 Attendance, Tickets and Promos

Having drawn 1,109,416 to 30 home dates so far in 2011, the Rangers are currently averaging 36,981 fans per game.  At that pace, the Rangers would draw a franchise record 2,995,461 to the Ballpark, a rounding error away from 3 million.  Running far ahead of last year's pace the Rangers have moved all the way up from 5th in the American League last year this year??  That's actually a lot better than it sounds.  


2010 Attendance per home game

Yankees  46,491

Angels    40,134

Minnesota 39,798

Red Sox 37,610

Rangers  30,928

Detroit  30,386

White Sox 27,091

Mariners 25,,749

Rays 23,025

Others  17,181-21,395


Yes, the Rangers were fifth last year, but just barely so, by a few hundred fans a game over Detroit.  Nearly 7,000 fans a game behind the fourth place Red Sox, they were about that far away in the other direction from the ninth place Rays. Perhaps the most reasonable description of the chart above is that the Rangers were atop the second tier in 2010, which represented a nice improvement over 2009 when they drew the 8th most fans and 2008, when they were 11th overall.

Let's take a look now at 2011

Yankees 42,850

Angels   38,833

Twins    38,688

Red Sox  37,432

Rangers 36,891

Tigers 26,784

White Sox 22,452

Mariners 20,718

Others  17,954-20,330


  A couple of things jump out from comparing 2010 and 2011.  The first is that of the nine top attendance teams in the AL in 2010, all but one is down in its attendance in 2011.  The one that is up, a lot, is of course is the Rangers, who are substantially ahead of last year.

 With more than 10,000 fans per game separating the Rangers from the 6th place Tigers, the Rangers have now moved up to the bottom of the first tier in attendance.  Obviously there are factors at work that separate the financial resources of the Red Sox and Yankees from those of the Rangers, even if their attendance per game is similar.  But, looking at this chart, and knowing what we know about the Rangers new TV contract, it isn't obvious that the Ranger's resources should be far behind those of anyone else in the AL, going forward from here. 

The Rangers get three games at home early this week, before going back out on another 10 games in 11 days road trip. Let's take a look at the three games


Monday June 6 7:05 p.m. Rangers vs. Tigers-  They'll be giving all fans Rangers yearbooks.  Not bad, but certainly not as exciting as the Hamilton statue, or the Cruz bobblehead or the ring...  There are some nice seats available in lower box and lower infield on stubhub in the $38-$41 range, but with just a bit under 500 tickets available overall, this supply could dry up well before tickets go off sale early this evening.  If you don't mind upper level seats the Rangers are having a "school's out" promotion for this series allowing you to "pay the day" for upper deck seats to each game this series.  For Monday, that is just $6 for Upper Reserved seats with some nice locations still available.  Between the promotions, the way the Rangers have been performing, the Mavs off day and the Lewis vs. Scherzer match up, I'd be surprised if the crowd doesn't end up well on the high side of 30k.


Tuesday June 7 7:05 p.m. Rangers vs. Tigers-  Porcello vs. Harrison is scheduled.  Obviously, Harrison is subject to change.  Not only is it thirsty Tuesday, but there will also be a special Tuesday night fireworks show as a makeup for the fireworks that were canceled back in April due to too much wind..  Upper deck seats for $7 a piece are available directly from the Rangers.through the "schools out" promotion.  Significantly better availability for this game on Stubhub (possibly driven by the conflict with the Mav's game) with prices in the range of $30 for lower infield, lower box and all you can eat upper home run porch seats.


Wednesday June 8 7:05 p.m. Rangers vs. Tigers-  This short three game homestand concludes with a match up between Phil Coke and Alexi Ogando. It's also autograph Wednesday and Website Wednesday for half price tickets in certain sections as well as $8 through the school's out promotion.  In the secondary market, tickets are more available than Monday but less than Tuesday.  Prices are also about halfway between those of Monday and Tuesday, with lower box and lower infield starting in the mid $30s.


Looking ahead, the next home game after this series is Nelson Cruz walk off bobblehead day on June 20 against the Astros.  I suspect that most people around here have already heard about that one.  It's definitely on the can't miss list for me.

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