Minors Thread- 7/21+- SantBu


SPO-8:15- S Perez 
HIC-6:00- Buckel 
MYR-6:00- Boscan 
FRS-7:00- Bleier 
RRE-12:00- Tucker 
AZRL-pm- Fau/Mat/Cast 

Pronounced 'SaantBy-ooo'.

A little part of me is disappoint that there wasn't a promotion chain set off by the Davis move.


SPO-8:15- Payano 
HIC-4:00- Mendez 
MYR-5:00- MDLS 
FRS-6:00- Wieland 
RRE-2:00- Hurley 
AZRL-pm- ADLS/Johns

Two  De Los Santos' going on one day? It's more likely than you may think.



SPO-8:30- D Perez 
HIC-6:00- Thompson 
MYR-5:00- Ross 
FRS-7:00- Pimentel 
RRE-7:00- Tomko

AZRL-pm- Blackwell

David Perez has struck out 34 batters and allowed 37 to reach base.

Jorge Alfaro has an 877 OPS. 

These two men are going to be disgustingly good at baseball.

No official move as of press time but looks like Davis is heading to the majors, which means there's a Mendonca-sized hole in Round Rock, which means there's an Olt-sized hole in Frisco. Anyone wanna tweet up @molt2222 and ask him how's the collarbone? Or... or does Renny handle 3B and Jurickson or Furcalito goes to Frisco?

That Jurickson thought is sexy, gentlemen.



SPO-8:30- McBride 
HIC-6:00- Jackson 
MYR-6:00- Loux 
FRS-7:00- Snyder 
RRE-7:00- Jackson 
AZRL- Off 

Jake Brigham as a reliever- 15.1 IP, 16 H, 17:6 K:BB.

Ryan Strausborger has a 808 OPS on the season and a 907 vs LH. My dream that he becomes SuperGentry remains.


SPO-8:30- Lamb  HIC-6:00- Tepesch  
MYR-6:00- Grimm  FRS-7:00- Erlin  
RRE-7:00- M Perez  
AZRL-pm- Parra?  


Omar Beltre hasn't pitched since July 3rd.

Alexi Ogando has an average fastball velo of 94.8 per Fangraphs, this year. Derek Holland is at 93.6. They are two of the top ten in average velo in MLB this year. The Rangers farm has developed two of the ten fastest fastballers. That is neat. Even neater is that CJ and Ogando are in the top 11 in MLB in fastball value per fangraphs.

Tanner Scheppers has allowed one hit in his last four outings, with no BB's and 3 Ks over 4 innings. That's also neat.

Jake Skole's last ten games have resulted in a 342/419/579 line. That's a 998 OPS with a 237 ISO.

Miggy has struck out 76 batters in 53 innings.

And then there's Chris Davis.

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