Attendance, tickets and Promos July 4-10

     I had originally intended to write for yesterday, but was too annoyed at Rangers baseball after coming home from Sunday night's game to sit down and concentrate on it,  And, I'd already written about fourth of July plans last week.  So, with apologies, I am getting this out a day late today.

     One good thing from waiting a day is that we get to look at the results of the entire 10 game home stretch from June 20 through July 4 that looked so promising for attendance (as well as the Ranger's likely performance against mediocre opposition).  At 5-5 you can't quite say it was a disaster, but it certainly wasn't what we hoped for or expected.  How about the attendance.

                                      total                      per game

Houston June 20-22    114,446                   38,149

Mets June 24-26        121,263                    40,421

Marlins  July 1-3        108,294                     36,098

Orioles July 3            42,885                       42,885


     Altogether, 386,888 for the ten game stretch.  Good, but not the 400k plus I was expecting.  What happened?

     A few less than might have been expected pretty much everywhere except the sell out on July 3, but especially on Friday and Saturday July 1 and 2 when they only drew an average of a touch over 31,000 a game.  I suppose this is a weekend when people tend to do other things before turning back to baseball on Sunday and on the fourth, as they only drew 28k per game for Friday July 2 and Saturday July 3 last year before drawing 40k+ plus the fourth,

     The Rangers are still on pace for a touch over 3.000.000, but today could easily be a high water mark as they are going into a long stretch of 19 home games in which there isn't a big holiday or an opponent that is an obvious big draw.  Let's look at the six games left for this week:

Tuesday, July 5 Rangers vs. Orioles 7:05 p.m.-  No ticket specials especially for tonight.  Thirsty Tuesday is the only promotion.  With over 2,000 tickets still available on Stubhub you'll get a great deal at any price point you choose from front row infield into the upper deck.

Wednesday July 6 Rangers vs. Orioles, 7:05 p.m.-  Ozarka  Website Wednesday for cheap upper deck seats, Dollar hot dogs (reportedly Nolan Ryan has already grilled 35 k of them) and autograph Wednesday.  A little tighter ticket market for Wednesday, but you'll still find tickets available for well below season ticket holder face value prices in all premium seating areas.

Thursday July 7 Rangers vs. A's 7:05 p.m.-  This is a make up of May 11.  Tickets from that game that haven't been traded in will be honored for this game for whatever seat you had for May 11.  Because the game isn't on the regular schedule the market on Stubhub for this game has been slow to develop with only a bit over 500 tickets available and somewhat higher prices.  My guess is that this is more due to the fact that very few people have tickets that are explicitly marked for July 7.  I would also guess that if you go to the game you will see an unusually high percentage of the seats in the premium areas vacant as people may not be planning on going but haven't yet traded in their seats.

Friday July 8 Rangers vs. A's 7:05 p.m.-  Friday night fireworks.  Verizon promotion gets you $10 seats in several sections including Lexus Club Terrace where there is still pretty good availabilty and which at $10 are better priced than this seats in this section on Stubhub, although that isn't true for lower infield and lower box which can be had in the low-mid $40s a piece on Stubhub (before 10% upcharge and ticket delivery fee) as opposed to $81 for lower infield and $65 for lower box directly from the Rangers at premium game prices.  

Saturday July 9 vs. A's 7:05 p.m.-  No official promotions on the calendar although this is the day of the annual season ticket picnic which features, among other things, a "chalk talk" wtih Jon Daniels, a barbecue, and opportunities to get autographs.  Tickets a little more expensive for this game on Stubhub, (40s for lower box, 50s for lower infield) but with nearly 3,000 available there is a good chance of some price decline before game time.

Sunday July 10 vs. A's 2:05 p.m.-  If you are looking for a chance to get some sun on a nice warm day, here is your opportunity.  If you want to go to the game but duck the sun anything in the 100s level, the home run porch or high rows (high 20s or up)  in lower infield or lower box on the first base side are your best bet.  It's Nelson Cruz boomstick day so get your bat for the first 10,000 kids.  Also $1 ice cream.  Let's just hope that the final result is better than this past Sunday


Then comes the Allstar game and a road trip immediately following.  They'll be back for a weekend series against the Jays July 22-24.  I'd be surprised if there isn't at least one player who we will be seeing for their first time in a Rangers uniform that weekend.

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