Updated 7/9/11 Minors Thread

Updated. 7/9/11

MYR-5:00- Gomez?

HIC-6:00- Tepesch!!

FRS-6:00- Bleier

RRE-7:00- Tomko

SPO-8:30- S Perez!!

AZRL-pm- Mavare?!


Hickory 3pm Buckel rainout makeup!!

MYR-6:00- Boscan

HIC-7:00?- Mendez!!

FRS-7:00- Wieland!!!

RRE-7:00- Jackson

SPO-8:30- Payano!!

AZRL-pm- ADLS?!!

Oh how I long for the day when three out of five pitchers in Round Rock are not scrubs. ~~~~~~~~~~~ p>HIC-6:00- Buckel!! MYR-6:00- MDLS!!! FRS-7:00- Pimentel? RRE-7:00- Hurley!! SPO-8:30- D Perez!!! AZRL-pm- Blackwell!

If you're not checking shroomer's page daily I'm wondering what you're doing in this thread.

Now for my burning question. JD, Preller, Nolan, and the oil men have spent over 15 million already in signing bonuses this summer but usually there are a few kids who are drafted that sign late. I know they are following several and told them they'd get an offer come early August depending on what they saw of their summer ball. My spreadsheet of greatness says we've signed 25 out of 50 so far. Two questions, how much more money will they drop in this draft? Who will sign? Which btw is vastly different from who I want to sign.

I get the feeling the ship has sailed on Fisher due to the signing of those two LA kids. But there are still some intriguing players who may yet be bought out of their commitments. The desire to bring in up the middle guys, pitchers, and catchers has me projecting three more for 28 total.

Woodruff - Kids with his arm don't usually fall to the 5th round you buy him out because you won't get a better player at that spot next year.

Pentacost/Fish - (one or the other but not both) They love them some catchers and both are far more talented than where we took them in the draft. Fish has Tettleton power as a catcher and Pentacost was a 2nd round talent before injury. Also because one signs so late they're basically a full year behind which slots them just right after Deglan, Alfaro, and Edmonds.

Sneed - My random flyer. Kid has said everything right from the get go and his parents have supported his baseball dream by moving so he could play. Supporting him to fulfill that dream and take the money seems reasonable.

Which will cost 3.8 million dollars. Am I high, low, too much or too little money? What say LSB?

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