'87, '88, '89 Rangers Radio

Back in the 80's when I was a kid I absolutely loved listening to Mark Holtz and Eric Nadel calling Ranger games on WBAP.  I especially loved the post game scoring recaps and hearing the big moments from the game once again.  For some reason I decided to tape these post game recaps as well as some other big moments.  I've just converted these cassette tapes to MP3's so others can now listen to them.

In these files you can hear Mark and Eric calling some of the biggest plays from mostly the '87 season but also from the '88 and '89 seasons.  There are also a few other goodies mixed in.  Follow the link and you can download these files or choose "view" listen to them directly off the website.  The files will only remain for 30 days before being automatically erased.  If you need them after the 30 days let me know and I can repost them.  When I originally recorded them I did not intend to keep them for 25 years but the quality is decent.


These files will allow you to join Mark Holtz, Eric Nadel, and engineer/producer Poncho Small in a trip to the past.  Listen to the late, great Mark Holtz with the original "Baseball Time in Arlington", "Hello, Win Column", and even a "peck-away".  You can hear a young Eric Nadel and listen to the exploits of Larry Parrish, Pete Incaviglia, Pete O'Brien, Scooter Fletcher, Steve Buechele, Jerry "The Governor" Browne, Bob Brower, Charlie Hough, Mitch Willimas, Dale Mohorcic, etc.  

File 1: Opening Day Plus 88 and 87 games

This file has a lot of the pregame show from the 1988 season opener, a few post game scoring recaps from a couple of games from 1988, and then several post game scoring recaps from April 16, 1987 thru May 10, 1987. 

File 2: 87 May thru June

Various post game scoring recaps from May 11, 1987 thru June 3, 1987

File 3: 87 June thru July

Various post game scoring recaps from June 5, 1987 thru July 19, 1987.  This last game is a 20-3 win over NYY which was the highest scoring game in Ranger history up to that point.  It also clinched the first series win over NYY in team history.

File 4: 87 July thru Aug

Various post game scoring recaps from July 21, 1987 thru August 14th.  Also includes an interview with Bob Brower after a big comeback win over the Red Sox.

File 5: 87 Aug thru Sept Plus LP and Sidekicks

This file begins with a radio interview of Larry Parrish on the day i n1988 when he was released by the Rangers. A very sad day for me.  It then has the post game show after the Dallas Sidekicks won the MISL champship after beating Tacoma 4-3 in Game 7.  It then has several post game scoring recaps from Aug 18, 1987 thru September 29, 1987. 

File 6: Ryan 5K game and last week of 87

This file begins with the post game scoring recap of Nolan Ryan's 5K strikeout game on Aug 22, 1989.  Then we have the play by play of the final three outs of Bobby Witt's first complete game on Sept 30, 1987.  Then we have  a few post game scoring recaps from the final week of the season.

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