How you can get my playoff codes

 If you've been in today's (9/6) off topic thread you know I have codes to purchase playoff tickets 10 days before they go on sale to the general public and without going in the general raffle.  You also know this if you've paid attention to IANF's posts....

While he asked first like 6 months ago, I agreed to let him have 1 of my codes for the ALDS.  I already gave away the second code I have.  But I still have 2 more each for the ALCS and World Series (hoping we get back). 

I figured that there should be a more fair process than just whoever asks me first and since doing the Hardline method wouldn't really work either I've come up with what I think is a fair way.

I like to laugh and I like baseball cards....the rules after the jump

Post a picture (remember sizing rules!!) of the funniest baseball card you can find.  It can be in your collection or on the internet.  It can be a funny pic or something funny on the back.  (The back of Scott Kazmir's 2011 card says, "Expect Scott to bounce back in 2011, 2010 was out of character for him."  I don't care if you post more than 1, but don't scan the entire 1992 Topps set hoping one wins.  Try not to do more than 5....

I don't know when the codes will be released or the date you can use them.  But the Rangers let me know I was getting the ALDS code about a week ago.  I got it today and its good for tomorrow.  I will update everyone when the dates are and when you need to have your pics in.  The best 2 will get the codes.  So I guess this is for the ALCS.  I'll hit restart once I give away the 2 codes for the ALCS or come up with something else for the World Series if this is a miserable fail.

One of my favorites:


Updated: Thanks to Herbie, here are the dates of the ALCS code notifications

9/6 ALCS notification
9/14 ALCS reminder
9/15 onsale

So I assume you'll want them in your hot little hands before the 9 am start time on the 15th. So you have until 12:01 AM on 9/15 to have your submissions in and I'll forward the winners their 2 codes.

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