OT: NFL offensive coordinator nonsense thread/season begins

So tonight the NFL season kicks off.


As always Sharky is here to provide some insight with his proven coordinator methodology.


Unfortunately at this point although they never explicitly say it, everybody else has copied sharky.


For example, Sharky spotted an easy one from a mile away, Josh McDanials, arguably imo the best OC in football, moves to St Louis. Uh oh! Possible huge momentum change nobody sees! Sharky thought.


wahh wah, everybody and their dog now predicts the Rams to win that division.


Here we have another, Wade Phillips moving to Houston to bolster that defense, the worst in football.


wah wah, everybody and their dog in the national media sees the same thing and Houston now the trendy pick to win the division, especially with peyton injured.


So yeah umm, I dont have a whole lot. I only have one that's a possibility, that people dont seem to be aware of and hopping the sharky bandwagon, which is Jay Gruden being the new OC in Cincy. I can give you that tip. It's not a sure thing but keep an eye there. Most people are writing cincy off. Dont be so hasty says Sharky. Apparently theyre starting Andy Dalton too, just to up the degree of difficulty. Dont be surprised if Cincy shows life and Palmer rues his holdout. Sharky is alone on this because ESPN ranks Cincy 32nd in their preseason power ranking.

However you have to look at the DC too, who in Cincy is Mike Zimmer, who I dont have a lot of faith in from his Cowboys days, so we'll see.


Oh wait, fake edit, I forgot my second possible sleeper, Washington. It didn't work out last year but the Shanahans are pretty proven, and their DC is Jim Hazlett, yeah outta be pretty good. I'm pretty concerned Washington will be a lot better this year. I hope not of course, but it's troubling.


Other than that, I think the same teams with the same proven OC's will never drop off too far, which is why you'll see New Orleans there, GB there, San Diego there, Philly there, etc etc etc. I am not so sold that Atlanta wont fall off, and GB could too. I dont like either of those teams so I hope so.


Speaking of proven coordinators, I think Philly's offseason spending spree and high expectations is a great chance to finally get Andy Reid out of Philadelphia if they dont win a Super Bowl. And boy I'm ready, it sucks being in the same division as Andy Reid every year.

For Dallas, Garrett is what he is, an above average OC despite a lot of warts, so it's down to defense and Rob Ryan. Want to see something scary? Rob Ryan in Oakland from 2004-2008 as DC, defensive ranks and team record:

2004 5-11, 31st in points allowed

2005 4-12, 25th in points allowed

2006 2-14, 18th in points allowed

2007 4-12, 26th in points allowed

2008 5-11, 24th in points allowed


That my friends is a disaster.


But look I dont care, you have to be optimistic to start a season and I'm optimistic. Throw all that out the window and here's hoping Ryan can get it done. In trying to talk myself into that, I tell myself the Cowboys defense was horrendous last year, if it can be improved just to average the record should improve greatly. I look at youtube interviews of Ryan and he doesn't seem totally stupid. And things like that. So here's hoping.


I also wanna just point out my new pet peeve, because the media is always so biased on QB's. Kevin Kolb is routinely treated by the media as a triple AAA QB and franchise QB.


I looked up his numbers, they're just beyond awful. 78 QB rating last year, and 73 for his career, with all the talent in the world in Philly if you care about such. Incredible. Worse career and season rating, often by far, than media ridiculed QB's like Tebow, Young, Grossman, Alex Smith, etc. Yet, he's a franchise QB. Oh that media, so unbiased.


BTW Tebow had a great preseason, top QB ranking for Denver ahead of Orton 108-104, miles ahead of Quinn. 20-31, over 300 yards, no INT's, rushed for 55 he did get sacked like 7 times I think, too be fair. But I just find it funny according to media, he's been the worst QB of all time in camp, yet somehow in basically a full preseason games worth of stats that are actually verifiable unlike Mike Young's defensive ratings, he's done great. Cue bubu, he played against backups, never mind so does everybody else in preseason, and he also plays WITH backups. Am I saying this 108 preseason rating means a whole lot? No, but I do find it interesting.


Oh one more thing, offensive line is so important, but the Cowboys up and start 3 rookies like it's nothing, and we all know it wont affect a thing and they'll be fine, of course. Come on, offensive coordinator warming deniers, give it up already. It must be hard for you guys to keep a straight face.


Theirein ends the sharky pre-NFL season ramblethon.

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