The Disappearing Offense

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Over the course of the entire 2012 season, the Texas Rangers offense leads all of Major League Baseball in scoring with 803 runs and are second in OPS to the Yankees at .780 to their .786. In terms of overall true talent, it is one of the best offenses in all of baseball, but unfortunately has all but vanished more than once in the second half of the season.

Texas Rangers Offense By Month

April/March 902 .292 .353 .484 .837
May 1124 .285 .340 .471 .811
June 1059 .277 .346 .430 .777
July 869 .243 .309 .375 .684
August 1112 .288 .347 .461 .809
Sept/Oct 1108 .250 .304 .448 .753
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Generated 10/3/2012.

In both July and Sept/Oct, the OBP has dipped to alarmingly low numbers at .309 and .304. My extra obvious observation is that It is very hard to score runs when your hitters are making outs instead of getting on base.

Texas Rangers Hitters - Last 14 Days

Mike Napoli 11 10 39 .229 .308 .686 .993
Adrian Beltre 12 12 49 .340 .367 .596 .963
Nelson Cruz 13 13 52 .271 .288 .500 .788
Michael Young 13 13 51 .304 .373 .413 .786
Josh Hamilton 9 9 39 .270 .308 .459 .767
David Murphy 12 11 44 .244 .295 .439 .734
Craig Gentry 8 6 20 .263 .300 .421 .721
Elvis Andrus 13 13 58 .245 .296 .286 .582
Mitch Moreland 12 8 31 .233 .258 .267 .525
Ian Kinsler 13 13 58 .157 .259 .255 .514
Geovany Soto 9 8 26 .125 .154 .250 .404

The only Rangers hitters to put an OBP higher than .308 over the last two weeks are Michael Young and Adrian Beltre. Mike Napoli and Nelson Cruz have provided some power to offset not getting on base, but other than those four players the rest of the Rangers' hitters are well below average.

Particularly destructive is the 1-2 punch at the top of the lineup with Ian Kinsler and Elvis Andrus with sub .300 OBP and even lower SLG numbers to go with it.

In the 3 spot Josh Hamilton is... Josh Hamilton, looking terrible at the plate with regularity but still punishing occasional mistakes with magical ability to hit baseballs very hard.

At the bottom of the lineup, David Murphy has fallen into a funk and with career highs in PA and games played it's possible he's starting to run out of gas after becoming an every day player.

On that same note, as a team the Rangers had 7 players with at least 145 games played. Evan Grant noted that this is the first time a team has done that since the 2007 Seattle Mariners. No team has played as much baseball as the Rangers have the last three seasons, the accumulation of all that playing may be taking it's toll and Ron Washington has ridden this team very hard.

On the other hand... this is still a very talented team that has lead of baseball in scoring this year so it's not hopeless that they'll start performing like they are capable, but if it's going to happen, it must happen now.

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