Who's Running this Show?

Anyone can put 9 guys around the diamond and, with the talent Jon Daniels funnels into this franchise, win a lot of games - on sheer talent. JD himself could have won 93 games managing this group!

But, when the other team routinely out-maneuvers our manager, I scream into the silence that is the Front Office where Wash is concerned. When other managers out-psyche our manager and their guys are flying at 90,000 feet while the Rangers are trudging in mud, I flail hopelessly at the futility that I see as JD continues to back his manager. When Wash rotates his pitchers like Chiclets looking for that one, stale piece and finds it, I cry into the pillow of Nolan Ryan's tolerance of continued failure.

One of the posters over at BBTiA graded Wash highly on his handling of pitchers... I give him an "F". If you get a hot hand, you ride the hot hand - you don't keep swapping out pieces until you hit that one that is a bit off that day. That costs us games.

In-game management - Verlander. Wash put a pitcher on the mound in an important situation (2012 All-Star Game) without knowing what that pitcher was thinking or planning. How stupid is that?

Does giving the regulars extra days off during the year blunt their desire? Does it cause them to "reserve" energy and enthusiasm until later? Do they have the ability to regenerate it when "later" finally arrives? Who was the idiot that suggested the "Claw and Antlers" was childish or unprofessional? Isn't this a game, after all? Bring it BACK! Let these guys share each others' successes amongst themselves!

The Kinsler/Profar situation has been allowed to fester all season. Ian has had his worst season EVER (offensively at the plate and on the bases AND defensively routinely diving over balls he used to gobble up) expecting that he will, ultimately, be replaced at 2B by Jurickson Profar. So, he's not good enough. He's just holding the position until a real second baseman can be groomed. Wash should have shut that situation down back in February. He didn't.

Josh Hamilton blindly hacking at everything in the same zip code for TWO MONTHS? Are you kidding me? After a game, you let it go... after a couple of games you ask if he's ok... after a week or two, you put him on the freakin' DL until he figures out which of his phalanges are toes and which are fingers! Josh is the S.T.U.D. we need to ride and when your stud is sick, you send him to professionals who can help him get better. And, we need Josh back for 2013 and a while after that. You don't win without that beast in the middle.

Michael Young will be the Comeback Player of the Year for 2013. He's been good in September and the first 3 days of October so he could be well on his way there. But, his 2012, overall, was abysmal. However, because the team was so far out in front, the issue was "tabled" and MY was allowed to "play through it" by his manager.

Oops. Looks like he did come out of it - a little late - and, we got caught and passed up on the last day of the season. Could'a used that other game or two that his flat-lining and Josh's brain aneurisms cost us.

Time to FINALLY hire a real Manager. And, if we do it BEFORE the playoffs, we have a chance, with this talent, to do some real damage in the playoffs.

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