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Ian Kinsler wants this ump to $*&# his *(&$@ and #&*@(#, but wishes Randy Galloway would calm down a smidge. - Brad Penner-US PRESSWIRE

So we signed Eli Whiteside, who was a catcher for the Yankees' from November 27 through December 3 of this year.


So we added a catcher, Eli Whiteside, who according to Jeff Wilson caught a no hitter in 2009, has a .215 career batting average and is not A.J. Pierzynski.

T.R. Sullivan tells us that Whiteside has racked up the frequent flier miles this offseason, being briefly a part the Blue Jays', Yankees', and now Rangers' organizations, and I am sure he's looking forward to a long and fruitful stay in Arlington. Also, we resigned Brandon Snyder.

Sullivan insists that we're still in on Josh Hamilton, though 3/4's of the article deals with R.A. Dickey and our failures to sign Greinke or land Upton. I've found that, when courting a lady, spending too much time discussing with her your failures to bed her possibly more desirable competition can sometimes be counterproductive, but I will say it can work on a target that's appropriately damaged and/or crazy.

Joe Furukawa, the guy who translated for Yu Darvish at press conferences and appearances, won the Harold McKinney Good Guy Award, and I have absolutely no idea what that is.

Randy Galloway has a typically schizophrenic and incoherent column that blasts the Rangers for not having completed any noteworthy deals so far this offseason, while simultaneously saying that they shouldn't have paid the price that would have been required to make those deals happen. I gather that Galloway is angry at: 1) Jon Daniels, for trading away Mike Young like he's been itching to do since he was a wee padawan at John Hart's knee; 2) Jon Daniels, for enforcing strict organizational message discipline; 3) the media, for thinking Jon Daniels is a good GM.

Calm and collected second baseman Ian Kinsler thinks Randy Galloway may be overreacting, according to Richard Durett, quoting Ian as saying it's not time to hit the panic button just yet.

Durrett also points to the Hall of 100 discussion over at ESPN, which Adam may have been talking about yesterday when he was hating on Nolan Ryan via the Twitter.

Finally, there's a new Plinkett review up at RedLetterMedia. If you haven't watched the Harry Plinkett reviews of the Star Wars prequels, you're missing out.

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