Wednesday Morning Links

Stephen Dunn

John Hart probably endorses a Pierzynski signing, or "Reason No. 73 why signing A.J. Pierzynski is a bad idea."

So the Rangers talked to A.J. Pierzynski's people last night. T.R. Sullivan says that although the Rangers are also kicking the tires on Nick Swisher, catching appears to be a priority. Sullivan also notes that Pierzynski griped about Washington not putting him on the All Star team in 2012. Gerry Fraley notes that Pierzynski is a long time favorite of John Hart, who haunts the Rangers like the grim specter of death. That seems like as good a reason as any to roll with Geovany Soto and whatever scrapheap redshirt we hand a phaser and throw on the transporter pad.

Anthony Andro has a puff piece on Nolan Ryan's upcoming cookbook, to be released in May 2014. A year and a half in advance seems pretty early to do a soft focus piece on a cookbook, and, in fact, it seems like a really long time to write and release a cookbook, but maybe it takes that long to marinate a steak in Roy Oswalt's tears.

Gerry Fraley says that Cruz hit a double and a walk-off homer in the Dominican Winter League Tuesday night, prior to which he was batting a Michael Young-ian .333 with no extra-base hits. Fraley also has posts on Boston signing Koji Uehara, and Kinsler being named to the Mizzou Hall of Fame.

Cleveland stood outside Nick Swisher's bedroom window with a boombox over their head, playing Peter Gabriel.

Richard Durett points to's David Schoenfield, who has some early power rankings. Schoenfield lists the Rangers' strengths as infield defense and power arms, and their weaknesses as thoracic outlet syndrome and the color yellow.

Durrett also continues his Hot Stove Talk by discussing Adam LaRoche, who hit a lot of home runs last year and is left handed. On the other hand, we already have a left-handed first baseman. On the third hand, it's Mitch Moreland.

Finally, GhettoBear was hating on Cat's Cradle in some comment thread the other day. The science in every Vonnegut book is abysmal, of course, but ice-nine makes me think of prion diseases, so here's a lengthy story about the last case of kuru, which is a prion disease that struck cannibals in Papua New Guinea.

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