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Ken Rosenthal emerges from burrow, sees shadow, ensuring another six weeks of Hamilton free agency talk

Jeff Wilson has a post speculating on the 2013 first base situation, although it travels well-trodden ground. He says that, at present, the Thumper and Lightbulb combo of Michael Young and Mitch Moreland are penciled in at first, though he mentions the Kinsler possibility and also Mike Olt. Those among you who are fans of "highest and best use" and maximizing utility through the free exchange of goods will be delighted to learn that Olt has been asked to learn right field in addition to first base not so that he can be a viable 2013 bench option, but because rather than trading in our swords we should beat them into poorly functioning plowshares.

Gil Lebreton says that Ray Davis was at Tuesday night's Rangers media session, and speculates that something "big" is imminent. After staking out a lonely position out on that "there may be big happenings afoot at the Winter Meetings" limb, he also says that "the problem with baseball free agents, however, is that even if you finish a close second in the bidding, you don't get the player," though as fans of a team that lost out on the Barry Zito sweepstakes, I think we can all agree that this is often not a bug, but a feature.

We've also got Jeff Wilson saying that optimism is high that Hamilton will re-sign with the Rangers, though that pesky use of the passive voice obscures just whose optimism we're talking about and also Hamilton left Nashville last night.

There are several stories quoting Jon Daniels saying that he hasn't talked to Josh Hamilton or Mike Moye since Monday, and that he intended to meet with Moye either Tuesday night or today. like this one from T.R. Sullivan that also quotes an unnamed Ranger official to the effect that the Dodgers will likely outbid us for Zack Greinke, and this one from Evan Grant. Evan also says that the reason the "Hamilton-Ranger deal is done rumor" took off is because it makes sense, and also because like every major news event the participants say careful nothings and the reporters are all mostly reporting on each other.

T.R. Sullivan also discusses the 2013 infield situation, with Ron saying of Michael Young, "[he's] a part of this team... we've just got to wait and see how the process works." Ron realizes, you see, that Travis was the one who had to shoot Ol' Yeller.

Gerry Fraley says that Joakim Soria's agreement with Nuke Laloosh on the objective qualities of winning are what convinced him to sign with Texas. He also says that one of the first items on the agenda when the club comes together for Spring Training will be the traditional Airing of Grievances. Also, apparently, Geovany Soto will get a chance to be the number one catcher.

Richard Durett quotes some Chinese Whispers in a post about the Nationals signing Dan Haren and probably dropping out of the race for Greinke, also saying that the Rangers have kicked the tires on Dustin Moseley, and that the most attractive free agent catcher on the market is A.J. Pierzynski. Durrett also says that Jon Daniels felt "very strong[ly]" that Elvis Andrus will be the starting shortstop in 2013, and that Soria says he is targeting a late May return from rehab.

Finally, I wanted to share this bizarre episode of Firing Line, where William F. Buckley discusses hippies with a very drunk Jack Kerouac, a guy that looks like Zach Galifianakis' brother Seth, and Ed Sanders of The Fugs. It's worth watching in its entirety, particularly for Kerouac's repeated drunken inability to remember the question he was asked 10 seconds prior. Buckley's pained bemusement made me think of Don Draper leaving the apartment full of stoners while the cops waited outside... "You can't go out there, man." "No, you can't."

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