Sunday a.m. Rangers things

Michael Young, former Ranger - Ezra Shaw

Sunday morning Rangers news and links

So, the morning after...

Jeff Wilson has a story on the trade of Michael Young and the Rangers' failure to sign Zack Greinke.

Greinke, incidentally, has an opt-out clause after three years on his deal. His contract is front-loaded, so he will make $76 million in those first three years. As I've discussed before, I think player opt-outs are very dangerous for a team to hand means that the team is assuming all of the risk on the back-end of the deal. If the player performs well enough that he could get more on the open market and there would be surplus value for the team, the player will opt out, whereas if the player is not performing well and could not get as much as he is getting paid on the market, the player will not opt out. As a result, the team assumes the risk the final three years are a bad deal, without having any upside if the final three years would be a good deal.

Richard Durrett writes that the decision that Young had to make, in regards to whether to accept the trade, was a difficult one, but was also the right one.

Anthony Andro writes about the hole that Young's departure leaves in the clubhouse, and the need the Rangers have for someone to step up and fill that leadership role.

Randy Galloway has a column on Michael Young, in which he repeatedly calls those who wanted him gone "idiots," rips the front office for attempting to over-step its bounds and get Ron Washington to bench Michael Young last year, and praises Wash for insisting on putting Young's name in the lineup last year every day despite some "ugly moments" with the front office. Galloway also says that if Young were here, Washington would have put his name in the lineup every day in 2013.

Gerry Fraley posts scouting reports on the pitchers the Rangers received in the Young trade.

Evan Grant writes about the Rangers' pitching options now that Greinke is off the market, which potentially includes James Shields via a trade. Grant mentions that a permutation of the Justin Upton trade involved the Rangers giving up both Mike Olt and Derek Holland, and adding Shields would mean parting with significantly more.

Richard Durrett talks about possible options with Greinke gone, with Shields and R.A. Dickey being the big two.

Remember we were fired up about maybe signing Shohei Otani? He's staying in much for that...

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