March Madness Round 2/Day 1 Early Thread

Who holds the record for most points scored in one tournament in the 20th Century? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Glen Rice. In 1989 Glen Rice scored 184 points in 6 games, including 27 three pointers. He ironically only made 7 free throws in the tournament, the fewest tournament points leader since the tournament was expanded to 64 teams.

1987 features the dramatic Keith Smart shot that gave Indiana the win over Syracuse in the final seconds. Indiana's Steve Alford had 138 points in the tournament. What Syracuse player also tied Alford for the tournament high in points? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Rony Seikaly. Rony Seikaly also managed 138 points, but it was Derrick Coleman who blew two freethrows in the last seconds, thus giving Keith Smart his moment of basketball glory.

Which nickname was given to Michigan State players Morris Peterson, Mateen Cleaves and Charlie Bell? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Flintstones . They were called the Flintstones because each of them were from Flint, Michigan. The Charlotte Hornets Eddie Robinson, also from Flint, did not attend Michigan State due to academic reasons. In honor, he has a tattoo of Fred Flintstone on his right arm.

Four Duke players were drafted into the NBA in 1999, all of which were drafted in the 1st round. The players drafted include Elton Brand, Trajon Langdon, Corey Maggette and what other player? NCAA Final Four Facts

    William Avery . No other time in history has a college team had 4 players drafted in the 1st round of the NBA draft. Duke has such a strong recruiting staff, that reloading after a huge loss of talent is not too difficult.

The 1996 Final Four accounted for 7 players drafted into the NBA that year. Kentucky, Syracuse, Mississippi State and what other school made up the Final Four? This school was later stripped of its Final Four berth due to a violation of NCAA rules regulations? NCAA Final Four Facts

    University of Massachusetts . Marcus Camby, Tony Delk, Antoine Walker, Donta Jones, Erik Dampier and John Wallace were the players drafted. UMass was later stripped of its Final Four birth due to a rules violation by Marcus Camby and UMass.

Who was the 1997 Tournament MVP? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Miles Simon . That year Arizona defeated three number 1 seeds on their way to the title.

In 2000, Michigan State defeated Florida for their first title since 1979. North Carolina was a member of that Final Four. What was the other team? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Wisconsin . The bracket shocker Wisconsin Badgers managed to squeak their way into the Final Four in 2000. They lost to Michigan State who went on to win the title.

What team did UCLA defeat for their 1995 NCAA title? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Arkansas. In 1995, UCLA defeated Nolan Richardson's Razorbacks. Arkansas did not repeat after taking it all in 1994.

What team was in the Final Four 7 times in 9 years from 1986 to 1994? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Duke . Duke's reign included 7 Final Four appearances, 4 title games and 2 championships in the 9 year span.

What team did Kansas defeat in the 1988 Final Four title game? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Oklahoma. Kansas beat Oklahoma, which gave coach Larry Brown his only NCAA title.

Only one team scored over 100 points in an NCAA title game in the 1990's. Who were they? NCAA Final Four Facts

    UNLV. UNLV Runnin' Rebels beat Duke by 30 points (103-73) in 1990 for their first NCAA title.

What team won the NCAA title in their first Final Four appearance in 1999? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Connecticut. Surprisingly, UConn never made it to the Final Four until 1999, when they defeated Duke for the title.

Who won the 1984 Final Four? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Georgetown . The Hoyas might have lost to cinderella Villanova in 1985, but they did get a title the year before.

Duke won the Final Four in 1991 and 1992. What was the last team to win consecutive Final Four Titles prior to the Devils victories? NCAA Final Four Facts

    UCLA. UCLA won an incredible 10 Titles in 12 years from 1964-1975.

Who won the 1981 NCAA Final Four? NCAA Final Four Facts

    Indiana. Bob Knight and the Hoosiers won two titles in the 80's, in 1981 and 1987.

In 1995, #4 seed Oklahoma lost to what East coast school? March Madness Upsets

    Manhattan. The #13 seeded Jaspers of Manhattan pulled off the upset in Kelvin Sampson's first NCAA tourney game at Oklahoma.

In 2002, #11 seed Southern Illinois defeated what #6 seed? March Madness Upsets

    Texas Tech. The General's second squad, Texas Tech fell to the Salukies, SIU beat Georgia in the second round to advance to the sweet 16.

In 1990, Illinois as a #5 seed lost to what #12 seed? March Madness Upsets

    Dayton. One year after "The Flying Illini" and a final four appearance, the Dayton Flyers did the flying by 7 over the Illini.

In 1986, Notre Dame as a #3 seed lost to what #14 seed? March Madness Upsets

    Arkansas-Little Rock. Digger Phelps and the boys dropped one to Little Rock in '86.

Jason Kidd, Lamond Murray, and #4 seed California fell to which #13 seed in 1994? March Madness Upsets

    Wisconsin-Green Bay. The Phoenix rose up to defeat the mighty Golden Bears in '94.

The 2002 tourney saw what #13 seed defeat #4 seed USC? March Madness Upsets

    UNC-Wilmington. In overtime UNC-Wilmington defeated the Trojans 83-79.

In 1997, #2 seed South Carolina fell to what #15 seed? March Madness Upsets

    Coppin State. The Eagles of Coppin State became only the third #15 seed to win a game in the NCAA tourney.

In 1987, another #3 seeded Big Ten team was upset by Austin Peay in the first round, who was it? March Madness Upsets

    Illinois. The Illini took it on the chin 68-67, to the #14 seeded Governors of Austin Peay.

In 1986, #14 seed Cleveland State upset what Big Ten powerhouse? March Madness Upsets

    Indiana. Cleveland State knocked off Bobby Knight's Hoosiers 83-79.

In 1993, Southern University beat what #4 team? March Madness Upsets

    Georgia Tech.

I called a time-out my team didn't have in a second round game against Arkansas in 1995, costing us the win. Who am I? Final Four Fun Facts

    Lawrence Moten. The announcers said it was Billy Sims, but highlight shows later proved it was Mr. Moten.

What was the name of Arkansas' pressure defense style of the nineties? Final Four Fun Facts

    Forty Minutes of Hell. Watching this team play this all-out style was what made me a fan. "46 & 2" is a Tool song.

Who hit a halftime buzzer-beating shot against North Carolina in Arkansas national semifinal win in 1995? Final Four Fun Facts

    Dwight Stewart. All the other guys were members of Arkansas' 94-95 teams as well.

I choked in a 2002 tournament game by missing a free throw at the end of the game that would have tied it against Indiana. Who am I? Final Four Fun Facts

    Jason Williams. By the way, Carlos Boozer missed an easy put back of this miss that would've won the game.

I played for the runner up in 1988 and made it to the NBA and had a decent career there. I also have the same first name as a baseball player who once reached on an error. Who am I? Final Four Fun Facts

    Mookie Blaylock. I felt the need to remind all Mets fans (and torment Sox fans) and bring up October 1986. Mookie Blaylock starred with Stacey King on the '88 Oklahoma team that lost to Danny Manning's Jayhawks. Sherman Douglas and Rony Seikaly were runners-up to Indiana in 1987.

Scotty Thurman made the clutch, high-arcing three, as the shot clock ran out late in the 1994 championship game. Who did he shoot over?

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