Place your bets. Which prospect is going to breakout in 2012?

I did one of these last year and we had a pretty good turn out.

I'm always wanting to turn back the clock and give out a nice "I told you so", and what better way to do that than to make a FanPost for us all to log in our bets.

This year, I'm going to use the Community Rankings as the list, and if there are any other write-ins, feel free to put them down in the comments. I've discounted Yu Darvish, since we've all determined he is no longer a prospect and a bona fide ace.

What you do is simple: Just put down who you think will make the biggest advancement this year. I suggest one position player and one pitcher. Then maybe explain if they are going to improve in prospect status (e.g. 19 up to 11) or if their improvement is because they are far superior than their peers. It's that simple.

Last years FanPost is pretty fun to look at, and I'm not really sure who I would pick as the clear cut winner. Olt as a position player, and Perez as the pitcher, would be my guess. Take a look back at last years picks and discussions right down here...

Last year's picks and discussion.

It appears Cahil was the first to pick Olt. The rest of the picks either stayed the same, (LuJack stayed at 14!), or didn't do so hot in their attempts (Scheppers and MdlS, whoops). And boy am I glad Eric Prince doesn't do this for a living (Sardinas passes Profar? The hell?) My picks went half and half. Alfaro went from off the list to #6 this year, and MdlS dropped 7 spots. Remember to specify your de los Santos' this year!!!

As you can see, this stuff ain't easy.

Without further ado, here are this years Top 26 prospects and a few I've found that might garner a wager. Good luck!

1) Jurickson Profar SS

2) Martin Perez LHP

3) Mike Olt 3B/1B

4) Leonys Martin OF

5) Neil Ramirez RHP

6) Jorge Alfaro C

7) Ronald Guzman OF

8) Robbie Ross LHP

9) Tanner Scheppers RHP

10) David Perez RHP

11) Cody Buckel RHP

12) Matt West RHP

13) Jordan Akins OF

14) Luke Jackson RHP

15) Barret Loux RHP

16) Roman Mendez RHP

17) Miguel de los Santos LHP

18) Nomar Mazara OF

19) Jake Skole OF

20) Christian Villanueva 3B

21) Roughned Odor 2B

22) Wilmer Font RHP

23) Kevin Matthews LHP

24) Justin Grimm RHP

25a) Will Lamb LHP

25b) Luis Marte SS

Other players: Engel Beltre OF (LSB hates this guy now, huh?), Jacob Brigham RHP, Yefry Castillo C, Zach Cone OF, Kelin Deglan C, Abel De Los Santos RHP, Leury Garcia SS, Kyle Hendricks RHP, Odubel Herrera 2B, Micheal Kirkman LHP, Tommy Mendonca 3B, Justin Miller RHP, David Perez RHP, Jimmy Reyes LHP, Luis Sardinas SS, Tomas Telis C, Nick Tepech RHP, Johan Yan RHP

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