LSB TG IV: The Final Fanpost

From our ticket man, knockoutking: at this moment we are confirmed at 65 in 206 and another couple of seats in 203 (with the ability to add some people if anyone has any last min adds)

If you need more tickets email him at address in profile or comment here.

We're 10 days out from the biggest tailgate yet. It was sort of agreed upon in the last fanpost that it would be easier for everyone to pay a flat fee to one person and let all the food be handled that way. Don't let that stop you from bringing delicious kolaches or cheeses for Loblaw to enjoy if you want. In fact, please do. I want to try some non-local fare. I'll be bringing some Deep Ellum Blue for the cheese enthusiasts as well as some unavailable Deep Ellum Brewing Co. bottles.

Here's the plan: Pay $7 for yourself and for everyone coming in your group. That will cover your tablitas, fajitas, burgers and hot dogs (and all the fixings and plates/silverware). There will be some water, but plan to bring your drink of choice. Beer will be free, but it's gonna be some strong stuff. If you're not a craft beer person, plan accordingly. There should be about 30-40 gallons of beer which is about 15-20 cases of beer.

Since food is handled, what needs to be discussed in here is the extra stuff. We need canopies, tables and activities. If you have a canopy and would like to bring it, please comment below. Same with tables. Does anybody have a generator to run a TV? Rodney has offered his TV and I can bring a digital antenna so we can get Master's coverage at least.

I plan to be at the lot around 11am to begin setting up. This is going to be a big game so try to get there early. Last year, they closed the lots off about 4-5 hours before game time. The lot we are using stays open during the morning for employees. If you make it before they close it, it should be free. Once they close off the gates, you will have to wait until 3 hours from first pitch when they open the gates for paid parking. Looks like its $12 this year.

Front row of Section 206: How should were determine who gets to sit up front? Anybody willing to go full body paint to spell out something? Or do we just move around and sit wherever?

Since KOK been the primary ticket planner in this, let's use jam as our food PayPal address. He'll keep a list of money sent to determine who gets the wristbands. jam's paypal: jam0152 (at) gmail (dot) com. Send him $7 each for everyone you're bringing to the tailgate. Jam, you can get Mister Naxal his share for the fajitas and I'll let you know how much the rest costs. We need at least 80 people to be paid for to cover the costs.

Rec this up.

Tailgate IV Fanpost 1

Tailgate IV Fanpost 2

Tailgate IV Fanpost 3

Tailgate IV Fanpost 4

We currently have 65 tickets together in section 206


The Tailgate will be happening here -- Map from Witt(less)

This is Lot B


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