OT:CFB Magazine Preview #1 - USA Today


USA Today CFB Preview


145 pages

Contributors: Christine Brennan, Mike Lopresti, Reid Cherner, Tom Weir, Michael Hiestand, David Leon Moore, and Erick Smith.

Top 10: Alabama, USC, LSU, Oregon, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Florida State, Ohio State, Michigan, Arkansas

Big XII Rankings: OU(5), Texas(11), TCU(15), West Virginia(13), Okie State(17) KState(78)

Heisman Hopefuls: Matt Barkley - QB - USC, Geno Smith - QB - WVU, Monte Ball - RB - Wisconsin, Keith Price - QB - Washington, Marcus Lattimore - RB - South Carolina, De'Anthony Thomas - RB - Oregon

Early season games of note: Michigan vs Alabama(Sep. 1st @ The Death Star), Texas A&M vs Florida(Sep. 8th, Kyle Field), and Michigan St vs Boise St(Aug. 31st in East Lansing)

Newsworthy Items for 2012: Penn State post-Paterno, Mike Leach and Urban Meyer's return, Bobby Petrino post-crash, Baylor post-RG3, and as always - SEC's domination in the BCS NCG.

Big XII Predicted Order of Finish: OU, UT, WVU, TCU, Okie St, KState, Tech, Baylor, ISU, Kansas - with ISU and Kansas being the only two teams in the Big XII not bowl eligible.

Big XII Games to Watch: TCU@Kansas(TCU's BXII Debut), KState@OU(Possible Top 10 Matchup), Baylor@WVU, NotreDame@OU

SEC Predicted Order of Finish: LSU, UGA, Bama, Sakerlina, Arkansas, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Auburn, Missouri, Vandy, Miss. State, Ole Miss, Kentucky. (Note: This mag has Bama winning the whole thing, yet they're a two loss team with LSU and UGA ahead of them and SCU and ARK with the same exact record as them.)

SEC Games to Watch: Bama @ Arkansas, Bama @ LSU, UGA @ Sakerlina

SLB's Comments: This mag pretty much reads like a standard issue of USA Today: very reader friendly, not too hard hitting on stats or numbers, and focuses more on story lines than stats as well. It's the smallest of the CFB Preview Mags by far with only 145 pages.

If you would like more info on a specific team's ranking or preview, let me know and I'll update the post with it. Be sure to rec this up and next Saturday, we'll be covering the mega bible known as Phil Steele's CFB Preview.

Rabble on!!!!

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