Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

Yu in blue

How about them dingers?!

Richard Durrett writes that the Rangers having eight All-Stars is proof that the club has transformed into one of baseball's preeminent franchises.

Tim Cowlishaw writes behind the DMN paywall that, should the American League win, a home-field securing victory would be a fitting reward for Rangers fans who worked hard to see their players in the All-Star Game.

T.R. Sullivan covers a tired Rangers' contingent at All-Star media day. Yu Darvish on if he were up to trying KC BBQ: "I'll think about it."

Durrett posts the All-Star lineups as filled out by Ron Washington and Tony La Russa.

Drew Davison is all about Yu. Darvish is quite the devilish imp. When asked what player was he most looking forward to meeting at the All-Star game, he said: "Mike Napoli."

Sullivan also covers Yu's All-Star festivities by asking Darvish if being among the game's best makes him feel any closer to fulfilling on his lofty expectations.

Durrett writes about Matt Harrison at the All-Star break and I'm including this for JBI mostly.

Mike Bauman has a piece about Josh Hamilton being famous.

Jeff Wilson writes about the Rangers not yet ready to make Hamilton turbo rich.

Behind the DMN paywall, Gerry Fraley writes R.A. Dickey's knuckleballing origin story. On that fateful April 6 night in the year of our lord: 2006, a rat-faced, cold-hearted fellow would turn a good kid bad and a bad kid good again.

Ken Rosenthal updates us at the All-Star break on the trade deadline market. There's a lot of speculation within regarding the Rangers with the Rangers continuing to say they probably won't do anything major. The Book of Daniels, as it were.

Davison has some All-Star notes on Washington's decision to start Justin Verlander, Joe Nathan being excited to be back at an All-Star game, and Cole Hamels rumors.

Lastly, ESPN Dallas has some excerpts from the Nolan Ryan radio show. In case you were wondering, yes; Nolan thinks you look silly running from a little thunder:

You know what I found amusing was how (Mike) Napoli broke and ran as soon as it happened and the umpire is looking around and then he decides he's going to follow Napoli. It was interesting just to be down close and see some of the reactions to that because you know it caught everybody off guard...

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