Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

Who needs Cole Hamels?

For the Rangers, it's good to be home.

Christian Corona's game story is joyous in that the Rangers scored nine runs and Scott Feldman was pretty good.

Clint Foster writes the Rapid Reaction over at ESPN Dallas about the Rangers 9-1 victory over the Boston Red Sox.

Drew Davison reports on the big story from yesterday. In case you missed it, Colby Lewis is done for the season. The Rangers are now without their Opening Day starter and a guy who performed exceptionally well in past Octobers. Worse yet, since Lewis was due to be a free agent after the season ended, he might have thrown his last pitch as a Texas Ranger. It sucks.

Anthony Andro writes about Feldman stepping up and giving the Rangers exactly what they needed last night in the wake of nothing but bad news on the rotation front.

Behind the DMN Paywall, Evan Grant writes that with Feldman's performance, he is back in the discussion to replace Lewis in the rotation.

Davison wraps up the win with some notes from the game. Among them is Ron Washington saying the team doesn't really know yet how the rotation will shake out going forward.

Richard Durrett writes about the Rangers offense showing life last night. For example, Ian Kinsler was in Arlington for less that 24 hours and went 3-4 with a walk, a stolen base, and two runs scored. Home cookin'.

Behind the DMN Paywall, Tim Cowlishaw writes that Josh Hamilton's dream season is turning into a nightmare. Well, that's the headline, anyway.

Two Dallas Cowboy writers write that the Rangers must make a trade to replace Lewis:

Here's Matt Mosley writing that the Lewis injury forces the Rangers' hand and that they have to make a trade now.

Here's JJT writing that the Rangers won't even win the division--much less return to the World Series--unless they make a move to replace Lewis.

Jeff Passan thinks the Rangers should be buyers now, as well. He writes, if the Rangers can't make deal, that they might have to turn to "perhaps the most aptly named pitcher possible for their current predicament: Justin Grimm." It's his job to be droll, you see.

Corona's Notebook covers David Murphy's success against lefties, Martin Perez's return, Washington's take on Hamilton's slump, and various injury related news items.

Lastly, since there was a disturbing lack of cookie announcements during the game, I thought I'd share Tom Grieve's new feature: Tom's Treats.

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