Tuesday Morning Rangers Update

It says here: "Texas Rangers outfielder Josh Hamilton displays some teddy bears prior to the game against the Baltimore Orioles at Rangers Ballpark." Because that is what Josh Hamilton does.

Upon groaning a gutless lament that we were about to see a Ryan Dempster start, Adam J. Morris said to me, "I think we see good Dempster tonight." The fearlessness of a fearless leader.

Christian Corona's game recap focuses on Dempster having his best start as a Ranger and probably his best start since June.

Jeff Caplan regales us with the Rapid Reaction to the Rangers' 5-1 victory over those pesky run differential-defying Baltimore Orioles.

Jeff Wilson's recap has more on Dempster's gem but also mentions that the reason Dempster missed his start in Toronto has still not been revealed. Looks like Joey Matches has a new Unsolved Rangers Mystery on his hands.

Gerry Fraley composes an Observation Central article with game notes. Fraley highlights Dempster's outing by calling it a "Colby Lewis-like performance." Warms my heart.

David Murphy calls himself lucky, Jeff Caplan calls David Murphy good.

In possible anticipation of a call-up, Steve Hunt over at FOX Sports Southwest writes a Double-A season recap of sorts on Jurickson Profar. Profar sounds pretty excited about the possibility:

"It would be great. Just watching the Rangers on TV makes me better. It's going to be special just to watch them play with my own eyes and it's going to make me a better player..."

It's going to be like having an Elvis Andrus kid brother around.

Only, as Anthony Andro writes, it might not happen yet. Andro reports the Rangers seem content with a 13-man bullpen for now and might not bring anyone up for the bench until rosters expand on Sept. 1.

Corona's Notebook covers Ron Washington winning the Sam Lacy Pioneer Award, Leonys Martin's return to Triple-A, Michael Kirkman's recent success, and a Joey Gallo mention, among other items.

Jeff Wilson's notes tackle the positive outcome from Dempster missed start, Mike Napoli showing progress, and updates on the bench situation and Lewis' rehab.

Lastly, Kevin Sherrington was on SportsDay On Air to talk about why the Rangers should trade Andrus and keep Profar. The offseason Elvis rumors are going to kill me.

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