Thursday Morning Links

BALTIMORE - AUGUST 22: Here's a picture of Tommy Hunter pitching against the Orioles in the good ol' days. Tommy, as the philosopher Tupac once said: "I ain't mad at ya." (Photo by Greg Fiume/Getty Images)

Remember to tip your driver even though you're getting cheap pizza, fellas.

Adrian Beltre had a hell of a night against our old buddy Tommy Hunter, and Anthony Andro has a story about it. Said Beltre, "It was a lot of fun." I agree, Adrian, I agree. Andro also briefly touches on Mitch Moreland's first official grand slam, and the Ranger players putting Beltre in the Compass of Shame for hitting the ball on the ground in subsequent at bats.

Also, I decided to check in on the Fox Sports Southwest girls, because I am susceptible to in-game advertisements. They didn't have anything to say about Adrian Beltre, but here you can see them talk about their most embarrassing moments. One of them involves a fifth grade soccer game, so it's a bit of a let down, really. I can't talk about my five or ten most embarrassing moments without waiving my fifth amendment rights.

Jeff Wilson has some quotes from Roy Oswalt about making another spot start with Darvish unable to pitch Thursday. I prefer to read the quotes with lots of passive-aggressive shrugging and eye-rolling, your mileage my vary. Drew Davison recaps the game, noting that after Moreland's grand slam the players in the dugout told him there was a storm cloud coming.

Christian Coronoa's notes column has more quotes from Oswalt about starting, including "I don't think I'm in the rotation" and "They haven't explained what kind of role I'm in." There's also some quotes from Ron Washington saying he feels sorry for Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Colon and that Mike Olt should start the series opener against the Twins, and an update on the long trek back from the disabled list for Koji Uehara (he's on track to return by Sunday... maybe). The Rangers' site also linked this short piece on Jurickson Profar's five hit night for Frisco.

Evan Grant had a chat over at the DMN where he says there is a contingent in the Rangers' front office wanting Olt to get more AB's than he has so far. I know you guys will be shocked to hear that Wash prefers Michael Young's bat in the lineup, but there you go. Gerry Fraley has some observations from the game, including right-handers going 1-19 against Holland last night and some sad quotes and stats from Tommy Hunter.

Richard Durrett has a post pointing to this ESPN Stats & Info story on Beltre's lofty batting average in at-bats ending with a pitch of 88 mph or higher. But that seems to make some sense, doesn't it? In a hitter's count you're more likely to get a fastball, right? If your at-bat ends with a slower pitch, you're likely chasing a breaking ball in a pitcher's count. Durrett also has a story about Derek Holland pitching a decent game on a night when everyone was focusing on the offense, with Ron Washington praising his changeup and fastball command.

Slate has a story about ex-baseball jocks having a slightly higher mortality rate over a 29 year study period than ex-football jocks, possibly because of higher rates of tobacco usage. And in other non-Ranger but baseball-related news, some high school kids built a robot that threw out the first pitch in last night's Tigers - Blue Jays game.

Hey, you know what would suck? Being trapped in an elevator for 41 hours. And this happened in 1999, so no Kindle or Angry Birds on your phone.

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