Tailgate V: Signup Thread III (No need to sign up if you already have)

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Saturday, September 29th - Texas Rangers vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim
Currently Scheduled game time: 7:05 PM CST (NOTE: FOX can move this to a day game)
Tailgate to begin many hours earlier


Tailgate V will be catered by Mike Anderson's Barbecue House. Cost: $12 per person

We will likely do the 51-100 person, two meat option from their catering menu. Meats to be brisket and sausage and sides to be determined. We may just use the bulk meat purchase, but that wouldn't include all the fixin's and set up and would be 6 lbs for $120 to feed 10-12 people. Either way, $12 per person should cover it. Purchasing food is optional for the tailgate.

Additionally, both Witt(less) and Keynes have volunteered to bring some home brewed fun, and Witt(less) is planning on doing some minor grilling, because it isn't a tailgate without a grill. Though I'm unsure if Witt(less) has a way to bring a grill, it may just be a table top.

Drinks are BYOB.


We have 90 seats reserved for Section 9. Cost: $31 per person

We also have 10 seats reserved for the third deck, I believe section 336? Cost: $14 per person

The number of reserved seats for each section can be expanded or contracted as necessary up to two weeks prior to the game. I will use a deadline of Wednesday, September 12th to sign up for tickets or cancel existing orders.



Sign Up!

Please post in this thread how many tickets for each section and whether or not you are participating in the food. Also, we'll need the typical array of tents, chairs & vodka filled super soakers, so please post if you are bringing those things. In two weeks after this thread falls off the promoted FanPosts, I'll do another with a full update of who's bringing what.

  • Section 9: $31 per person
  • Section 336?: $14 per person
  • Barbecue: $12 per person

NOTE: Make sure to note your LSB screen name when you send money as a gift

Obligatory spreadsheet of attendees.

Also, Ryin has volunteered to bring 3 tables and a canopy.

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