Notes on the 2013 Texas Rangers Schedule

Taking a brief look at the 2013 Texas Rangers' Schedule (as released by MLB), we see the regular day-to-day grind as the team, once again, drones its way from April through September. You will note there are neither any Regular Season games in March (last seen in 2008) nor any Regular Season games in October (as there were this year and in 2010 and in 2009). The entire season will be played within the bounds of the six months normally allotted for professional baseball's regular season with October reserved for The Playoffs.

An interesting (bizarre?) tidbit sees the team not play a single Thursday from the first of August into the middle of September (7 consecutive). Not sure if that's really that strange, but it does look odd if you stack your calendars in your spreadsheet. Also makes for whopping six consecutive six-day sets (which the team would probably much prefer over those 20-day jobbers that leave them ground up like yesterday's hamburger meat - note that the Rangers have only one of those 20-days runs without a day off in 2013 where they had 2 of them in 2012). Then, they finish the season on a 17 consecutive day run.

o Memorial Day: Double Header at Arizona (InterLeague)
o Independence Day: at Home against Seattle
o Labor Day: at Oakland

That's 2 out of 3 of the holidays on the Road.

o April 16-18 @ Cubs (3 gms)
o May 7-8 @ Brewers (2 gms)
o May 27 @ D-Backs (2 gms)
o May 29-30 vs D-Backs (2 gms)
o June 21-23 @ Cardinals (3 gms)
o June 28-30 vs Reds (3 gms)
o Aug 13-14 vs Brewers (2 gms)
o Sept 9-11 vs Pirates (3 gms)

We have 10 Road InterLeague Games and 10 at Home for a total of 20 InterLeague Games (like FoxNews - Fair & Balanced). We play reciprocating games against the Brewers and D-Backs, but, against the Cubs, Cards, Reds and Pirates, we either visit or host, but there isn't any reciprocating. Guess we're not allowed to give them the opportunity to return our favor or us the opportunity to prove "we can do it better". Those series that don't provide for reciprocation are all 3-game series where the split series are all 2-gamers at each locale. Keep an eye on the two series with the D-Backs because they are back-to-back (I initially thought they were all 4 in Phoenix with a very odd off-day between games 2 & 3 - not so).

The games at Arizona are a rare scheduled Double-Header on Memorial Day. We get an off-day between the Double-Header and reciprical Game 3 (of 4) against the D-Backs for travel (makes me wonder if the two teams will share the flight to Arlington? That makes me wonder if the airlines would even allow it?). It's good practice for when we, again, make the World Series and both teams (not necessarily the Arizonans, but you get my point) make the same flight between cities on their travel day(s).

And, I am really surprised Buddy Selig would allow his team to be scheduled in Milwaukee during the nice days in Texas (early May) and in Texas in mid-August when the Texas heat is, typically, at its most robust. Maybe JD and Nolan could get with their Milwaukee counterparts and swap those dates? It would only extend the Rangers' early May Home Stand from 6 to 8 games and shorten their subsequent Road Trip from 8 to 6 games while our early August 10-game Road Trip would become 12-games out of the heat and shorten our subsequent Home Stand from 8 to 6 games.

For the Brewers, their end-of-April-first-of-May Home Stand would be reduced from 9 games to 7 extending their subsequent Road Trip from 10-games to 12, but their chances of getting frost-bite are greatly reduced. In August, their 9-game Road Trip would become 7 games (shorter Road Trip) adding those two games to their subsequent 7-game Home Stand making it 9 games. What's not to like?

They did give the team an off day before and after the two games in Milwaukee - presumably to allow our guys to steel themselves against the stench of being in Selig's home town and for recovery on the way out.

The Rangers begin the season on the road (but, only for 3 games) against 2 division rivals (total of 6 games) before wandering into the other AL divisions and they end the season at home (7 games - also against division rivals).

The Boys from Arlington (not those!) go into the All-Star Break coming off a 7-game Road Trip and come out of the Break on a 7-game Home Stand.

April has a string of 14 of 17 on the Road which, combined with early May, has the team traveling for 22 of 31 games - at the time of year when the weather is moderately less hot than a Trip to Hell in a convection oven. In total, the two months have 29 road games and only 25 at home. I would think the guys in the clubhouse would like to see those numbers reversed or even skewed a little further towards home and make it up traveling during the hotter months of late June through the first week of September.

Our longest Road Trip is 10 games (August 2-12).

Our longest Home Stand is 11 games (June 10-20).

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