LSB Tailgate #5: Smokeless Edition (or Beware the Dinopeen) Final Planning Session

We're 12 days away from 'our' 5th official tailgate in three seasons.

Sept. 29th, 2012 vs the LAA Angels, 7:05pm

Tailgate to start waaaaay before that though

This time around, Bradst1ck took the lead and set us up with some primo seats in Section 9. He also felt sorry for jam0152 and Mr. Naxal for passing up opportunities to interact with other LSB'ers and rather spent all of LSBTGIV working the grills and delivering delicious, Tex-Mex themed dishes such as fajitas and tablitas. To make it more enjoyable for all, I was sent on a mission to taste test several BBQ establishments in the Dallas area and provide my opinions (not sure why). Mike Anderson's won out and if you ordered BBQ in the last tailgate thread,y'all will be enjoying brisket, sausage, garlic/cheddar mashed potatoes, BBQ beans and something called Devilish Eggs. There may still be time to order BBQ through Brad, so let us know in this post and we'll see what can be done. But don't think that will be all the food available. In this fanpost we need to lay out the rest of the tailgate. We will need tables, canopies, chairs and anything else needed. It's CFB season and I bet a TV and satellite would be a great addition if anyone wants to volunteer theirs.

Next, does anyone have a grill they'd be willing to bring? I plan on cooking some tailgate favorites like bacon wrapped jalapenos and armadillo eggs, but don't have the room in the car for a grill. I do have room for three kegs of beer and my kegerator set-up. The plan is to have a IPA, a cherry wit and possibly one more beer in kegs and Keynes will hopefully be supplying some of his delicious brew as well. Please bring your own beverages of choice as well as I doubt 15 gallons of beer will be enough. Bring your own food if you want to grill some stuff up or snack on stuff.

There also may be an impromptu cheese tasting and maybe a dance off. We're a cultured lot and these things just happen.

Here is where we will meet:



That's Lot B by the way.

I plan on being there around 12pm if the game stays on schedule for a 7:05p start. If Fox picks the game up, they may move it to a 2:05p start and we'll have to move everything forward a bit.

Lastly, rec it up and unrec the Payment Due post.

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