Monday Morning Rangers Update

John Rhadigan: Witness

Zack Meisel covers the game story for and writes about what else? Jurickson Profar. Of course, after Profar did his historical doings, the rest of the Rangers did their best to avoid getting shown up by a teenager. That was a fun game that helped to wash the bad taste of Saturday's loss out of our collective mouths.

Richard Durrett handles the Rapid Reaction to Profar's arrival and the Rangers' 8-3 victory over the Cleveland Indians.

Gerry Fraley writes behind the DMN paywall about Rangers players feeling that a talent like Profar brings energy, if nothing else, to help break the monotony of the long season.

Meisel writes about Profar's special debut. Profar on his first at-bat as a Texas Ranger:

"I felt like I didn't have to do much when I went to the plate," Profar said. "I trust these guys, so I didn't feel any pressure. I got a fastball and I put a good swing on it. ... Once I hit it, I was thinking, 'Go. Go. Go.'"

Durrett has a bunch of factoids on Profar's history-making home run debut. You can't help but smile at this one:

* He's the youngest player to hit a home run since Adrian Beltre (19 yrs, 171 days) on Sept. 25, 1998.

Fraley writes about Ron Washington's visit to the mound in the third inning to chew out Derek Holland. Holland was struggling with a 4-0 lead and Fraley writes that Washington claims he was checking to make sure Holland hadn't eaten something bad the night before. I have a feeling that a dinner review is not what Ron Washington brought up, however.

Since it is now baseball's final regular season month, Drew Davison busts out the 'Rangers ramping up to erase World Series memories" article.

T.R. Sullivan's Notebook covers Roy Oswalt staying in the pen for now, Ian Kinsler's stiff back, the sad tale of Julio Borbon and many other items.

Davison has notes on the Holland/Washington mound chat, Nelson Cruz's durability this season, Yu Darvish feeling fresh and other notes.

For your perusal, the DMN recaps the weeks had by some of the Rangers top prospects. Many of these prospects are Rangers now anyway. An example being Texas Ranger Jurickson Profar.

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