Can't Thank All Of You Enough

Ronald Martinez

Like Lil Nubber and G Dawg, I saw the article on Deadspin about attendance at Rangers Ballpark last night.

Y'all have seen the numbers, 5th in the Major Leagues in attendance, 2nd in the A. L. and 2nd in the A. L. in average attendance. Thanks to all of you that attended a game this year, the Rangers finished ahead of Detroit, LAA, Philadelphia, Boston, Cubs and Atlanta in season total attendance. Deadspin should be writing about a couple of those other club's attendance, not the Rangers and our fans.

They should be writing about the 42,000 that were here last night. I think it was G Dawg, but he is right, there are not too many sports franchises around the country that can sell 25,000 tickets in a 24 hour period for a game that was not scheduled and a game that you and I didn't even know was going to happen until about 5pm Sunday afternoon. Great fan response from our fans to purchase that many tickets in 24 hours and a great job by our people in our ticket office turning something like that around.

Many of you know this, but those seats in the upper deck in left field are the last to go. I have watched it for 20 years, those catch the sun the most. I have presented a plan for the last 10 years to pull all of those seats out, put in a duplicate scoreboard and the Rangers have a 40,000 to 41,000 seat ballpark than 49,000. Long before oc was thinking about a special section, i proposed reducing the costs up there and putting a nickname on them, "The Dutch Oven" seats. Technology has just gotten to the point where the scoreboard materials are light enough where that area would support a video board, so the folks in Home Run Porch could see a decent replay,.

Anyway, 3 million, 2 years in a row...that's pretty strong message that we have some pretty good baseball fans in the Dallas-Fort Worth and across Texas...and why I have told every owner from Mr. Chiles to Nolan, that this thing was a sleeping giant.

Regardless of what Deadspin or other media say about our attendance, we can't thank you enough and I am pretty proud of our fans for 42,000 showing up last night. Some keep questioning the "Baseball Town" thing, maybe we aren't there yet, but 3 million proves to me that we live in pretty damn good sports area and I appreciate each and every one of you attending a game at Rangers Ballpark this season.

Again, thanks for your support of the Rangers I appreciate it.


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