Tuesday Morning Texas Rangers Update

Would you welcome this pitch face? - Jonathan Daniel

The number one source for all your Kameron Loe free agency rumors

As of 12:01 a.m. ET last night, free agent players such as David Murphy, Nick Masset, and Michael Young officially became eligible to sign with another team. That means that players such as Brian McCann, Nelson Cruz, and Mike Napoli also have their newly found freedom of choice.

So, if the Rangers haven't already signed McCann by the time you read this, just assume that asses are getting vigorously thumbed.

Though Cruz is free to sign with whomever, he's got until next Monday to decide if he wants to accept the Rangers' $14.1 million qualifying offer. Richard Durrett writes about Cruz's decision at ESPN Dallas.

T.R. Sullivan reports on how qualifying offers among free agents around the league might affect the team's plans this offseason and notes that the Rangers expect Cruz to decline his qualifying offer.

Speaking of Nellie, Durrett continues the Defining Dozen series with moment No. 11: Cruz Controlled - Nelson Cruz is suspended for 50 games for his involvement in the Biogenesis scandal.

Nellie's suspension wasn't all bad because it motivated the Rangers to acquire Alex Rios and Alex Rios is pretty awesome. However, Cruz's absence did expose a palpable lack of power in the lineup which is something the Rangers will look to address this offseason.

Ken Rosenthal has a piece on the qualifying offer winners (The Red Sox Award for Excellence) and losers (The Kyle Lohse Spring Training Signing Memorial) around baseball.

With the American League Cy Young award announcement coming next week, Todd Wills takes a look at Yu Darvish's candidacy. I suspect Darvish will finish in the top 3-4 of the voting and people will still talk about his season as though it were a disappointment.

Evan Grant takes a look at the latest offseason developments and writes that the Rangers might be less inclined to sign Kendrys Morales or Carlos Beltran now that they will cost the team a draft pick. Additionally, Grant has Josh Johnson, Tim Hudson, and Justin Morneau as players with no draft compensation restrictions that the Rangers could have their eye on.

Speaking of McCann and Hudson, MLB.com's Mark Bowman writes that Hudson has already drawn interest from multiple teams while the Rangers are considered an early favorite to sign McCann.

Cowboys writer Rick Gosselin held a chat over at the DMN where he mentions that the Rangers almost have to trade Jurickson Profar because he doesn't fit on the team otherwise.

Jeff Wilson has some Ranger notes on Cruz's qualifying offer, Martin Perez's Rangers' RotY honor, and a summary of the roster moves made yesterday.

Lastly, this is what Wil Myers looks like when accepting an award on television, surviving an unplanned garbage collection attempt during a round of dumpster-diving, or cosplaying as Jesse Camp:

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