LSB TG6: Ticket + Food Prices

Time to start planning everyone. Since Adam and the Houston Astros are stealing opening day thunder, and due to the difficulties getting opening weekend tickets in bulk, I proposed that we move our official beginning of the season tailgate to a bit later into opening month. Stoners rejoice or possible just show up a little late and have the munchies. The plan is to have the tailgate before the April 20th game against the Seattle Mariners. This is a Saturday with gametime scheduled for 7:05p. With the Rangers getting the national love with Opening Night baseball and possibly the another national game in the opening homestand against the Angels, hopefully this gametime won't move.

Now for the deets:

Food: I know a guy who knows a guy that is gonna get us crawfish. Add to that potatoes, corn, mushrooms and onions and we're gonna have a proper crawfish boil. I found a recipe for fresh andouille and my guy also said he can get a deal on blue crab too. So if you're allergic to shellfish, avoid this area of the tailgate.

Location: This is where I need some help. We've held the last two (or three) LSBTG's in Lot B. The parking attendants and security are getting more and more strict on our shenanigans and without the rain last year, it may have been even tougher for everyone to sneak in. We need an in with the team or the parking people. Someone who can guarantee us a spot either in Lot B or possible back at Angrydome Island in Lot D as early as 9-10am on game day. We can collect funds and reserve 10-15 spaces again and everyone else can park elswhere and walk or wait until the gates open. CHUCK! If you're reading this, tell us what we need to to and we'll do it.




Misc: Tables, canopies, grills for the shellfish intolerant, beer, drinks, games etc can be hashed out in the comments of this and subsequent posts.


Reserving 75 tickets in the next 48 hours in Sections 205 & 206 (Ballpark Seating Map)

The cost of tickets is a little over $27 per ticket, so I am requesting that you send me $27.50 per ticket to help cover the fees, anything over the total cost of tickets will go to Witt for food (expect food information in the near future.) For comparison, last year tickets were $25+fees.

If there is interest, I will also get some tickets in the Upper Reserved area (will be about $15) -- if you want Upper Reserved Tickets please email me ASAP.

Please fill out this form to submit information regarding your ticket interest (or just fill it out below)

If you already know how many people will be attending in your group, please paypal me ( $27.50 per ticket. You can always add more to your group before the cutoff date if needed. I prefer to get the paypal ASAP since I will be the one fronting the money required to hold our seats...


People who have paid for tickets:
TargetField (2)
Crazy86er (2)
Darcouth (2)


Again, if anyone has any questions -- either leave a comment in this thread or email me (john dot leftwich at gmail dot com)


Food information from Witt

Food Cost: $10 / person

Food Information: Crawfish boil + potatoes, onions, sausage and mushrooms -- also planning on doing some shrimp

Equipment: will update once witt adds the info in a comment below


Total Cost per person:

Ticket: $27.50
Food: $10.00
Total: $37.50


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